NATO Ministry of Information video thread


Interesting, I’m curious if they still have the boom operator windows though in case of a camera failure or similar.


Nope, it’s all camera gear, hence the issues.


Ah, not surprising to see it’s not working quite as expected. To be honest if we’re going to computerize all the that, why not just make it straight up computer controller. Use a series of IR makers on the receptacle, that the boom then simply drives to the center of. Keep the manual boom station in place and functional. Make sure the boom operators stay current and in practice. Also just a couple high quality optical mirrors in a sealed optical path (ie periscopes) could allow for the boom operator to sit in an upright position while still having the same field of view they currently have with out all the tech that can go wrong.


For all you virtual flyers who like flying the DCS Viggen with that superb ELINT pod attached. :slight_smile:


I can’t link them for some reason but there are a number of photos on /r/aviation on reddit of the 2 new KC46 tankers being accepted by McConnell AFB today. I assume for initial trials and not for operational use but it’s a step in the right direction. One of the pics has a KC10 in the background. Tankers rock.


Sure you don’t mean for those virtual Mirage flyers?


LOL! Nope, unless the DCS Mirage has gotten an ELINT pod similar to the DCS Viggen, I made the correct statement. :slight_smile:


Just makin’ sure, Rafael and all that jazz in the video. Unfortunately, our M2k is kinda weak in the EW department! :grimacing:


I just found out the French Next Gen IFV…

I really like how it looks!

I just can’t shake the impression that it has been created with the CyberPunk 2020 Vehicular Combat add-on “Maximum Metal”! :smile:


Looks top heavy to me…


I knew a girl like that…






Nothing wrong with any of this footage for sure…




Yeah, I didn’t get it either… That Rafale doin’ ELINT ops, or what? Don’t know much french, I’m afraid. :slight_smile:


Close encounters


@Franze will like this shot…


Thanks for the new wallpaper!