NATO Ministry of Information video thread


Oh man, makes me wish for a Longbow 3. FWIW I believe that’s an AH-64D from 1-25 at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska.


That would be amazing! I’m eagerly waiting the hind to be released for dcs but a really good helicopter sim would be very high on my wishlist


If Bohemia Interactive ever comes out with a Take On Helicopters 2, you bet your butt I’d come out of my FP/ArmA retirement to make a Longbow 3 mod for it.


That’s interesting actually as I installed TOH a while ago with the hinds dlc to get in the mood for the dcs one bit I haven’t got around to firing it up yet. And after I Bought HIND on gog and had trouble with my flightstick on it I sort of swore off choppers for a while lol


Unfortunately, the Hinds DLC for TOH was rather disappointing. It was unbelievably frustrating to have been putting the features we had into our AH-64D and then watching BIS barely even try with their official DLC. I might’ve forgiven that transgression if they’d had a campaign or more mission content to go with it, but there were only a couple missions included and it didn’t really make up for the lackluster implementation. TOH as a whole sadly missed the mark and I’m not really sure if BIS had a cohesive plan when they pieced it together.

I uninstalled it a couple years back as ArmA3 had most of the same functionality in their helicopter AFM, minus the stuff like startup sequences which sucked, as those were the more interesting parts of TOH. To think we came so close to doing TOH: AH-64 and missed it by a hair.


To have put in so much work in TOH and Hinds only to fall short because of lack of content was frustrating. TOH was great though…I enjoyed that whole campaign…so it was worth it from that standpoint, but frustrating that there wasn’t follow on content.


That would of been you making that? That would of been Incredible.


I’m not really sure what led to the decision to do TOH as it was. I think it fell short and while I did finish the main campaign, I was disappointed it wasn’t treated as SimCopter 2, especially since all the mechanics were there. Had it been a combat simulation, I think there might’ve been more interest, but BI’s main audience wasn’t about to get into a difficult civilian helicopter sim – too many were adjusted to the “flying jeeps” that characterized most of FP/ArmA’s aerial vehicles. There was really too much that content creators would have to make in order to make TOH more palatable to a variety of audiences.

BI is very bad at systems simulation and when you start to do something like TOH, you kind of need a more deeper level of systems – not as in depth as DCS – but more than FP/ArmA. The flight model was actually pretty good about a lot of this stuff with all the things that could break or be affected. Being able to accurately simulate the transmission or an engine out was awesome, though not leveraged well by BI. Throw in the comparatively archaic cockpit modeling and systems and it fell short in a lot of ways. The render to texture in particular was really ridiculous, although better than nothing.

In the end, I’m just really disappointed that they didn’t take that and shoehorn it into ArmA3. They basically ported the flight physics model, but that was about it.

We had actually toyed with the idea of going straight to TOH instead of staying with ArmA2. We nixed that because we felt we promised a bunch of people an ArmA2 AH-64D, so went for that first, with the idea of moving onto TOH afterward. Unfortunately, due to the various delays and problems, we didn’t get to TOH seriously until late '13, early '14, and by then ArmA3 was the new thing with TOH collecting dust. I don’t think BI broke even with TOH and I’m fairly certain it cost them a decent chunk of change.

I’ve posted it before, but this is from '14 where we got a lot of the AH-64’s systems in place for the TOH infrastructure, to include 6DOF and the TOH startup sequence:

Plans go awry of course and it remained a testbed sort of thing, though the flight model was later ported to ArmA3’s AFM.


That is an amazing cockpit.


I present to you, the Alenia C-27J

The plane that the USAF unilaterally decided was a pile of junk and ditched post haste with the theory that C-130s could do better, but the US Army couldn’t have them because that’s the USAF’s mission… That they didn’t want to do.

Sorry, still bitter about that last bit.


Didn’t they transfer some of them to the US Coast Guard for like $1 or something?


The Coast Guard took a handful to save money instead of buying undelivered HC-144, because the USAF was sending brand new C-27Js right to the boneyard.

My father flew the C-23, which the C-27J had been acquired to replace. Curiously enough, the C-23s had originally been bought for the USAF for intratheater aircraft maintenance, namely moving fighter jet engines over Europe. These were given to the Army and later ended up in the Army National Guard, where they were used for a variety of roles to include special operations. The USAF in particular didn’t like this as they felt the mission – and by extension, the money – belonged to them entirely. Complex cultural issues behind most of it, but it had a bit of Big Army wanting their toys versus Big Air Force wanting their toys, with neither side making an effort to meet partway. The Army relented on the C-27J because the USAF assured the Army that they would operate the aircraft and support the Army’s requirement for a light/medium lift capability. The USAF then determined that keeping a light/medium lift platform in service was too expensive and they wanted their pointy nose expensive hangar queen F-35s instead and thus canned the C-27J under the claim that the C-130 could do the mission. Needless to say, while the C-130 could theoretically perform the mission, in practice the USAF went “LOL no” and the Army ended up relying on CH-47s for most of their light/medium cargo requirements. Which, as you can imagine, is pretty stupid.

It was a bigger loss for the Guard people because both the Air Guard and the Army Guard operate on a bit more friendlier terms than the active components either and both the previous C-23 and new C-27J were mostly operated by Guard rather than active.


What a steaming pile. Almost like they had some people from the British MoD on exchange for that. The C-27 is incredibly hot. What a beast. Saw that on an airshow once, and it was at least as spectacular as some of the fighter jets. Did not expect a dumpy little transport to pull moves like that!


Sad fact is it wasn’t the first time the USAF did that. They pulled the same back in the '60s with the DHC-7s that the Army had for pretty much the same purpose. It was still an incredibly shortsighted decision in the matter of being good stewards of resources, but the USAF isn’t unique in that regard.

The C-27J can load up ~11,500kg of cargo, so take that out and I’m not surprised the feats it can do. The C-23 was known to be sporty for the same reason.


I love the C-27J for P3D by Iris. Not the best quality textures, and it isn’t a true replica of the plane and its systems, but I love the HUD in it…


I’ve been in that one (C27J). Flew regularly where I worked. :slight_smile:


I’ll dig out the photos from Fairford airshow last year as the moves that little beast can pull are frankly incredible. Between that and the a400m they cemented my love of transport planes and tankers.
the c27j really is a showstopper. Such a shame what the USAF did there


That is a beautiful looking aircraft. I wonder if there was a C27J in DCS World would anyone purchase it? I would. I would also think that in order to make it even more plausible for customers, there would have to be features within DCS that allow the pilot of this module to deploy paratroops, drop cargo, maybe a gunship version? I better stop now, my imagination is running wild. :wink:


If DCS could rework the logistic system a bit and make true cargo ferrying a reality, then it’d be a lot more useful. At present time, you can do something like load up 3 LITENING pods on a Harrier and drop them off at an airfield with limited supplies, then those pods can be used by others who rearm and repair at that field. It’s a bit difficult to implement it in a practical matter, but if expanded it could open up a lot more logistic and admin roles up.


Actually they did build and try to market a gunship version, so its plausible. It makes sense too.