NATO Ministry of Information video thread


This is pretty hilarious in a frightening kind of way…


The Swedes do it a bit more efficiently…


Of course, the exit doesn’t much matter of the aim is a bit off…ouch!




They just got thrown off the plane. Efficient and no time or opportunity to puss out.


What do you mean?! He was blown away by the experience!


Nice video. Not sure if it has been posted before or not but it popped up on my youtube links:


A CV-22 Osprey from Cannon Air Force Base conducts aerial refueling with a KC-10 Extender from Travis Air Force Base while on a training flight on March 7, 2019.


Low level in the osprey looks fun.


Tanking certainly does not. I don’t want to fly anywhere near a gas hose with propellers that big.


Imagine being in the tanker, and the Osprey pilots are freshly converted CH-46 guys who have never tanked and are still coming to terms with flying it in the fixed wing configuration. :fearful: I’m still amazed we never lost any hoses, and not thru a lack of trying on their part.


Reminds me of the famous CH-53 refueling fail video.


I never got to ride on an Osprey, I think they were just coming online when i got out, but they are a cool looking bird. Really impressive technology.


Girl I taught in youth group a few years back just graduated from Boot Camp at RTC Great Lakes. I think she’s in Division 148.


B-52s arriving at RAF Fairford


Ooooh I saw those on their way in!



Uh oh…


What do you expect when the chutes are made by IKEA, and assembled by the paratroopers?