NATO Ministry of Information video thread


I think at this point my Mudspike theorem is a moot and proven point. When can I come and pickup my awards into research into the simmer psyche? :wink:



Does it include the Nuke Department?

If not, I await @Navynuke99’s righteous fury.


No filming below the waterline. Navy rule. Or something.


Doubt it. I mean, the PBS series from 10 years ago had an opportunity, they really did. Instead, they chose to follow around the whiniest drama queens they could find aboard, who of course were mostly Airedales. If nukes get a five minute mention in a ten hour miniseries, most likely all this will have is mentioning the ship is nuclear powered.


Does the water really taste like Jet-A fuel?


Not anymore, unless something is very, very wrong.


Wasn’t that more of a thing on the older conventional carriers?


Now they can’t taste anything. They just magically glow when they turn off the lights after a cruise. (I’m guessing there isn’t a valve between the closed loop reactor water and the coffee urns…but you never know…)


Funny story there… It wasn’t the primary loop, but it was off a secondary system- right by the chemical injection for a corrosion inhibitor called Morpholine. This was on another Nimitz-class, but during a shipyard availability, somebody swapped the pot water line for the coffee pot in the plant to the secondary feedwater side.

Now, Morpholine will give you THE WORST case of diarrhea you could imagine within about 20 minutes of ingesting it. It took the folks a couple of weeks to figure out why everybody was having the worst case of the runs ever, about 20 minutes after they would take the watch, or hold quarters, before they figured out that it was because of the crossed pot water lines.


That’s… amazing!


Not NATO but glorious OV-10


Those are such cool looking aircraft…neat to see them still in action…


Needless to say, I’d give a nice chunk of cash for this bird in DCS…


Me too. And if they finally implement/fix bomb and rockets splash damage it will be even better!
Although I’d also love to just fly around in it being a FAC for y’all.

…which reminds me: We really should do a fly-in with a FAC mission. Almost everybody could fly Viggens and Mirages and MiG-21 and F-5 and two guys could be the FACs in two zones, flying an A-10A or A-10C and directing you to the target.


Ooh, we got a mention after all!


This looks like footage you’d see from Arma or something…wow…!

Interesting…a computer controlled gun, shooting at a drone…filmed by a drone… (am I a drone watching this footage?)


Sure they are deadly, but them smoke plumes are just as good as big Neon arrows pointing down…


I’m guessing these things would be around airfields or something…like a last ditch intercept thing…so I don’t know that too many SEAD aircraft would be rolling in on them necessarily. Maybe. I dunno. I wonder if they would be fixed emplacements that could be easily targeted or if they can be moved around. They look small enough that they could be mounted on something I guess…


Not a bad observation, really.
They also seem like those deployable installation in RTS games- a la Dune II or Command & COnquer. :stuck_out_tongue: