NATO Ministry of Information video thread


Ha…you’re right…like a turret defense game…


Looks like the Rheinmetall Mantis system.
So mainly meant as defense against drones and missiles.


Looks very Skynet!




I might be able to land a Hornet in Bullet Time™… :thinking: (feature request!)


… and include rewind feature to make it more appealing for generation XBox?



This is fascinating…


Here is the F-35 Aerial Demo today at the Paris Air Show


Loved the wiggly duck feet it gets when doing that high AoA pass by…


Yes I loved seeing the low speed descending corkscrew with sideslip and float.

Here is the Aviationist article that teased the flight with a chart of the show. LM is working on 40+ Billion dollar deal so fangs are out!


Just think of it that you now have an expendable, fearless, perfectly loyal ZSU-23-4. Track on the smoke plume and you’ll probably be walking into the engagement zone of Killbot #2 who’s waking up from his nap with some hot morning motor oil and a side of your targeting information :wink:


Agreed. I wonder how high the top of that box is.


I wondered that as well. At one point there was a straight vertical down and based on the ceiling it had to be the low show. Thrilling for the crowd I am sure.


Oh ya, this is like when you’re working on your car and all the neighborhood beer drinking garage dwellers get a whiff of your tools and come to see what’s going on … only 10 times more attractive. :grin:


I just wonder if it’s smart to have that stuff on youtube unfiltered…
Dunno. But bloody hell it’s cool.


It’s pretty standard stuff when handling ground aircraft, except for all the weapons and such, but grounding, chocks, audio jacks etc, all very common.


Thanks- I mostly see stuff form the Simulator’s building so it’s all pretty intense for me!



Canada’s JTF2 has shattered the longest kill shot record during operations in Iraq … 3450 meters (over 2 miles!) …