Netflix Lost in Space


You know, I really miss all of that stuff, but there is a whole lot of satisfaction in raising some young ones. Impossible to adequately express, and like the matrix, must be experienced. I waited very late, 53 when my first came along. They kick my ass from time to time, but make it up in lots of other ways and haven’t figured out how old their dad is. I guess seeing me go out the door with my lacrosse gear every Sunday helps, but one day they will wake up and start stealing my stuff, LOL.

Back on topic, I don’t mind the choice of Molly Parker for mom. She was pretty strong in House of Cards.


Fun fact: Gene Roddenberry tried to sell Star Trek to CBS. CBS then used a bunch of Roddenberry’s ideas to enhance and improve Lost in Space; they told Roddenberry they weren’t interested in Star Trek afterward.


Fan makes an accurate drivable replica of the Lost in Space chariot.



In 50 years folks will be discussing reboots of things like …
The A Team -
Mr T: Where am I? I’m in an AIRPLANE! Ugggh!
Faceman: What’s happening?
Murdock: We’re gonna crash. And we’re gonna die.
Mr T: I pity the fool who put me in this damn airplane!
Faceman: Get in the Corvette!
Col Smith: I love it when a plan comes together.


Robot B9: Danger danger Will Robinson! Dr Smith is in a sequel!


you won’t be waiting 50 years (this was a few years ago it was first mentioned though)

that along with magnum pi, the greatest american hero, no word on a mork and mindy reboot that I know of…yet.



I remember her in the LiS Movie… then I saw Mean Girls… and was like WTF…


I loved Magnum P.I. … THE SHOW … not the guy. :grin: The intro alone had the Little Bird, Hawaii, the Ferrari, a 1911 pistol, camouflage, military intrigue, blowing a car up, a cool ring, an amazing ass, the Ferrari burning out, beer, a man servant, a cannon, photography, ammo, Vietnam, a rodeo, scuba diving, covert ops and diggin’ a hole! I mean, what’s not to like? !!! :slight_smile:


Loved the show as well, along with The Fall Guy, think they were on one after another, can’t recall. But yeah, they’re going to town on rebooting everything ever.


Awesome new mega trailer looking very promising, IMO. FYI, I updated the original post with the same link.


Season 1 released. Watching E1 now.


will watch,

But I just found out netflix brought back Reboot


So after 2.5 episodes, my thoughts.

LIS Netflix is light on science and we find characters behaving sometimes illogically, that is more to fit the narrative. The script is really dull at times, or perhaps the writers believing that painfully less is more. In E1, John Robinson’s (Toby Stephens) lines are borderline neanderthal. Fortunately, this is somewhat explained by an underlying dynamic revealed in E2.

Still, the sets and scenery are lavish and the story entertainingly engaging, in the way that a modern Star Wars film captures the less cynical. Don’t worry so much about the technical issues, just go with it and enjoy the tale. The robot’s introduction and character is compelling, as is the new Dr. Smith reveal. Can’t say more without spoilers.

So, I’m in for the moment and would like to suggest that if you can keep your tech filter engaged, will probably enjoy it as well.


I’m not ashamed to admit that I loved the guy as well… :wink: Thomas Magnum taught me a lot, when I grew up.
Got the show on DVD. Been a while since I watched it.

Got the book «Aloha Magnum», the memoirs of Larry Manetti. He really loved to be in the show. Best time of his life. Great read for any Magnum P.I. fan.


and this …


NOT this …



Although, after a few beers I’m noticing Pam has something going on in the booty region :heart_eyes:


I’ve got one epsiode left, and thoroughly enjoyed most of it. Some weird spots, and some slow spots, but by an large thoroughly entertaining. Happy I watched it.


Based on the previews I have been looking forward to checking this out. Was never a huge fan of the original show, but it looks like NF spent some big money on making the show look good much like they did with Altered Carbon and that has me interested.


So finished today… really good. I’m not looking for accurate science necessarily, and a couple of the moments were lol-worthy in their plausability, even in the suspended belief theory kind of way, but it was entertaining nonethless.

Really good show, in my opinion.


So I watched the first episode of the series this past weekend. I gotta be honest in that I was really looking forward to the show based on the previews, but the first episode kinda left me rather “meh”. Yes, the special effects were great as are the landscapes, but the characters themselves really left me not caring whether they made it or not and I assume that’s key to a show like this. Going to watch another episode in the hopes that things improve…


I usually find that it takes most of the first season of a show to get to know the characters properly.