Netflix Lost in Space


I just finished the episode when they send out a couple of rovers to scavenge fuel from another Jupiter. I thought that pretty entertaining, especially the tar pit scene. A very worthwhile episode IMO, and glad that I am sticking with it. LIS is also one of the few sci fi shows that my wife has shown interest. Not sure if that is exactly a raving endorsement, but count me in for the rest.


We started with the first two, tonite. A friend who has seen all agreed that the first show was not that great, but to stick with the series. Will do.


My wife and I enjoyed the show. We will definitely be watching season 2 when it comes out.


At about Episode 8, Will post thoughts when I get to the end.


The Effects and Cinematography are decent, Not to many lens flares.

The Story line, seems akin to the BSG 2004,
Mainly w/ the Cut backs and Plot Twists.

They did not reveal certain things until the 10th episode that explains pretty much everything.

Overall I give a 7/10.

Definitely wasn’t a waste of my 10 hours.

If Season 2 Happens, it will likely be more space/ship set, than settlement, and less main characters/supporting actors.

Lets just hope there’s no small space spiders and time travel.


I won’t mention any spoilers, but yeah, I thought that the series really got less interesting after the fuel scavenging episode. There were some good scenes scattered about, but in many I found myself having a hard time buying in on much of the last 3 episodes. My gut is that it was a combination of being a family TV show and some inept technical writing. For instance, those CB radio mic props in a time of intergalactic travel became a distraction. In comparison, BSG made a good point of explaining why they occasionally used old tech. We can discuss when the majority is through the series. I do like the actors, sets, and storyline. But, IMO, the writing could have been better wrapping up S1.


Netflix has never cancelled an original series after Season 1.

Writers left as a Cliffhanger for Season 2, knowing a there’s a pretty good chance they’ll get one.