New DCS module confirmed

Isnt this, “Flaming Cliff”? Oh wait, it’s Flaming …

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Pffft. Maybe, but he is also the happiest man in existence!

This was all mocked quite thoroughly when FC1 came out for LOMAC in ages past.

Pretty much the same jokes, too! I’d have to look it up, but I seem to recall Richard Simmons was brought up then as well.

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Did you guys see this:



Wooohoooo!!! Phantom Confirmed!!!

_"After release of Tiger and Magnificent Eight at the end of 2016 almost all our effort was relayed to development of F/A-18 DCS module in cooperation with Eagle Dynamics. In this project we are handling dynamics, avionics and systems, FCS (Flight Control System) included.

In parallel we continue our work on exciting project for fans of combat helicopters - the attack helicopter Mi-24P (was a long time since we pleased our helicopter enthusiasts, and ourselves as developers, by a war machine with rotor dynamics).

Also we started development of the famous fighter-bomber F-4E.

We are planning to post updates about each project in future.

Wish you to have a great time learning available DCS World modules and hope you will like quality of the upcoming ones.

With respect,
Belsimtek Team."_


From raw gameplay, if there is one DCS module to end all DCS modules, it is the F-4E. After the poor-man’s Phantom became my favourit aircraft in DCS (F-5E), I cannot wait to get the actual Phantom!

Latest from BST:


We are very pleased that our news has given you great pleasure.
The team makes one of the latest modifications of the F-4E, with a large range of weapons. Also, we will not forget about the multi-crew.

The advancement of the project will be reported in the news.


Lets keep the F-4 discussion over in the F4 titled thread, if we can.

I mean I’m as excited as heck!

And they’re also doing the crazy Cannon Hind.

It’s confirmed: DCS devs are psychically linked to me. I will use my powers for good.

Quick! Gimme requests!


Crusader. Intruder. Bearcat. Tiger. Banshee. Demon. Skyray. Panther. Cougar. Vigilante. Whale. Hellcat. Wildcat. Tigercat. Skyraider. Dauntless. Avenger. Helldiver. Seahawk. Sea King. Seasprite.

I think that about covers it. Not too terribly much.

I’m with stupid

Also where the hell is my AH-1T/W?

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A western counterpart to the Ka-50 and Mi-24 would be nice. Perhaps one that could take advantage of recent developments in multicrew and ground radar?

if there’s going to be a counterpart to the counterpart, I would not object either.

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Also including the AH-1T/W. I’d prefer the S, but whatevs. Let’s do this!

Also Apache Longbow.

I’m on it!


Intruder, A-6A, A-6B, any variant of the A-6, even the A-6TRAM or, get this the EA-6 without the extra two crewmembers and their equipment, without the extra EW stuff and with— uhh… ordnance available? Maybe?

Not much more…

My friend, I am too drunk/on a phone to link EA-6B ICAP upgrades, for they contain they the HARMs you seek.


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I forgot how to English, but the Prowler ICAP II has all your jamming with the ability with additional HARM power.

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I still love you. :heart:

I agree but do not hold out much hope for those mentioned in your post. I would guess though it may be possible to someday get the Apache AH-64A, but never the longbow I fear.

I wouldn’t mind if we couldn’t get those mentioned above the Italian Mangusta or the South African Rooviak? Spelling?

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Rooivalk I thought?

Whatever, I long ago stopped hoping for a given platform to appear in DCS. It becomes a self-defeating game of “oh I wish” that inevitably leaves you disappointed no matter what happens.

Instead, I have resigned myself to being merely pleased when something is released in good shape that I like. Did it fill a hole in the lineup? Great! Did it instead expose a new one by introducing one side in an era with no appropriate adversaries? Eh…not great, but whatever!

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