New Thrustmaster Stick at E3?

So there is this: Here are the very first pictures of our new Thrustmaster joystick. First hands-on demo at #E3 in Los Angeles from June 13-15 at our Thrustmaster... | By Thrustmaster | Facebook

Not going to grab screenshots from that brief video but I feel that Thrustmaster is sticking with the Warthog for the next few years.

At their last event (New York - APril 2016) it was noted that they had a 10 year lifecycle plan for the Warthog … which would take us to 2020 for a new 1st class stick/throttle combo.

EDIT: There are still persistent rumours of a couple of unveiling at E3. Patience is best :slight_smile:

That looks like a Hotas 4 / X setup. Maybe for the Xbox now?

I will say this, I’ve been unashamedly using a Thrustmaster Hotas 4 for a while now. For $50, you can’t really beat it.


This is true. I have been caught up in hoping for a higher-end F-18 stick but it is true that some additional options rest of the spectrum would be welcome. Enabling newer players to move in would only be a good thing for the hobby.

That roadmap was set before all the companies changed.

Saitek is now Part of Logitech, and Madcatz is Gone, and Logitech has been pushing their HOTAS.

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I upgraded to the T16000M FCS system, but you cannot go wrong with their HOTAS X.

I would still not be surprised if a new grip for the warthog shows up. If they want to keep the warthog going for 10 yeas its gonna require something like that.

Well, that doesn’t look like the new enthousiast level product :slight_smile: Perhaps they have something else up their sleeve. I don’t think they’re bringing ED to E3 with them for nothing.

I believe that’s exactly what we’re getting. The last sentence wags said about going to E3 was:

“The HOTAS WARTHOG™ joystick is ready for an enlarged ecosystem including among other development, new Add-On for Joystick.”

What about some fancy monitors for their MFDs?

Would fit well to many DCS modules including the hornet.

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Or perhaps even a hornet 3 mfd pack

I wish you could buy them individually. Had to order 2 sets to get my VR chair ready for the Hornet. Guess I will have a spare in case one goes belly up.

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Could be a Joystick for Elite Dangerous

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Wouldnt be surprised to see a Hornet Handgrip for Current WARTHOG Setup,

Handgrips would be quicker and cheaper to produce and eventually bring in a new throttle unit and new HOTAS System in 2020.

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I mean what is the use of making the grips changeable and then not trying to capitalize on it.

So someone made this point:

The F/A-18 and the AV-8B use a similar, if not the same stick.

Both are being demo’d at the Thrustmaster booth tomorrow.

Speculate as you will.




DCS F111 CONFIRMED…im gonna go a head and guess 20 min. (You all know what im talking about)

Et Tu, Covfefe?


F/A-18C minus AV-8B =


So a navalaized export version of the a-10?

A navalized, two seater, swing wing, export version of the A-10…