New Thrustmaster Stick at E3?


Just as I was gearing myself up for the Mongoos T-50,
they gon dun this.


I am looking at the VKB Modern Combat Grip but this new Thrustmaster grip is very interesting. Very curious about what it will cost.



also @Maclean’s already on point meme game is only enhanced by these Generation Kill references. I felt the need to acknowledge this.

double edit: This is not on sale, why is it not on sale? Someone tell Wags to tell the Thrustmaster people to put it on sale.


I recently rediscovered my GK folder, after I thought it lost in the great hard drive wipe of 2017


That grip looks indeed very nice. Too bad it sits an that horrible, crappy WH base. Though I think it should fit on the T-50 which I have ordered, so still something to consider.

While my Warthog stick spends its life on a shelf for being a substandard joystick, I do use the WH throttle. The throttle is overall pretty nice but with some problems. So I hoped that Thrustmaster would also launch a new Hornet throttle that would improve on these.


And this is why I bought a second VKB adapter two weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:


How is the programming software for the VKB?


I’ve largely avoided it. A few years of tinkering with TARGET have taught me to loathe joystick based aircraft specific profiles. I much prefer keeping it basic and doing the tweaking in the sim.


Just got shipping info for my second VKB-TM conversion kit. Ball’s in your court Guillermot