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Hi everyone, I am a new newbe to Mudspike and I find the information and people here great.
I would like to know what would be the best bet in getting into VR flight sims as far as either Oculus or the other manufacturers? I have read reviews but talking to you guys who use it all the time to me would be the right people to ask. I want to use it for X-Plane, DCS and especially VTOL VR.
Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.
My real world job is flying a Hawker Beech Premier 1 out of Harrisburg, PA at Capital City Airport.
If anyone is close by please let me know and I would be happy to show you the plane.
Thanks in advance, Dusty


Welcome to Mudspike!

I can only talk about the Oculus Rift S since I very recently bought one. It is super easy to set up.

What you need is a reasonably fast PC, the headset, a HOTAS and pedals and you are good to go.

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FTFY. The faster the PC, the better the VR. Both CPU and GPU. faster!

Hi @dustman! Good to see you here! :mudspike:

I have used the Oculus Rift CV1 and are now on the Rift S.
The Rift S is a reasonably priced mid field performer that is easy to use.

With its relatively low 80Hz refresh rate and moderate resolution, it’s not as demanding on your hardware.

I do, however, see myself getting either a Valve Index or HP Reverb, in the not so distant future.

Welcome to Mudspike @dustman!
Cool job you have there, I think you’ll find yourself happy here! :smiley:Take care.

Hey guys thanks for all the info.
I saw the reviews on the HP Reverb and Valve
they look awesome.
I guess will have to pick one and go with it.
Thanks again everyone.

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Welcome! I am the Mudspike Chancellor of Snarky Remarks. :grin:

I echo @Troll’s remarks re the Rift S. I will also probably eventually upgrade.

That said I have a scary powerful fast new rig so it handles things pretty good - DCS better than XP11.

There is an excellent–well written, and uncannily insightful–review of the HP Reverb in the latest PC Pilot magazine. (I have a subscription :face_with_monocle:)


Hey thanks Will,
I use to have a subscription to that magazine, it was very good.
Will have re up, I am sure they have great views on hardware.

The Rift S seems to be a pretty good price for performance headset.
Thanks again.

Welcome @dustman !

Thats great, I can see this can be utilized…

…wink, wink @BeachAV8R, reviewer of Carenado Premier is here :slight_smile:

Hey thank Nevo I did check that out and it is pretty realistic to the real Premier.
I’ve had some other Carenado planes and they make a great product.
Thanks again for the head up.

Welcome aboard Dusty! I think you will find us to be a good bunch here.

The Rift S is a very good headset for the price, with the caveat that you need to have an IPD somewhere close to the average of 64mm. I’m at 68mm and that makes it useable, but not ideal. Going forward I won’t be buying a headset without mechanical IPD adjustment, which ironically, the Rift CV1 had.

The Reverb also has a fixed IPD, so just be aware of that when making your decision.

I have a friend in Ohio who flies the Premier and he seems to like it.

Hey thanks Paul for the info.
I never thought about the IPD, mine is 62mm with my last eye exam.
I was going to look at the other solutions including the reverb.
Tell your friend to contact me about the Premier I am sure he has
some info that would be great to know plus I have some stuff as far as
where to find hard to get parts and other items. Feel free to give him my email
address when you can, [email protected]

I know right??! This is great…we need a pilot for EVERY module out there! :smiley:

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What is hilarious about that review is that…I think the first paragraph maybe says something like “This is the best headset that you probably shouldn’t buy…”

LOL…and a week after that went to press, my headset died. Good news is, HP sent me an e-mail today that said a new one is on the way…


I think with an IPD of 62mm you should be fine if you decide to go with the Rift S. Speak to anyone here and they will tell you that I am an Oculus guy. I strayed away for a short time with the Odyssey Plus, but I just couldn’t get along with Windows Mixed Reality. Other’s here had no issues with it, so my conclusion is that it there really is no right answer.

When I talk with my friend in Ohio I will pass on your email address to him. I don’t see too many Premier’s these days on my travels, so you two are in a pretty exclusive group!

Actually…this is what I said in the introductory paragraph…lol…I had to go back and look:

Speaking of VR and being new:

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Can anybody else please post something there?
Editing posts sometimes is hard on mobile.

Also: I don’t want it to become only my personal VR blog. :smiley:

Hey Aginor,
In my limited experience I think the cockpit in VTOL VR is a real VR enabled cockpit. You just have to reach out and turn the knob or push the button to manipulate it. Plus the aircraft controls are really virtual where you dont need a separate joystick and throttle to control the aircraft. In DCS you are pointing at a button or switch with your hand controller then turning it on or off using the pointer.

Yeah VTOL VR is on my list as well.
But for now I am busy with DCSW and the VR sickness (as described in the thread that I linked). :slight_smile:

Ok I just looked at that website and the pointing device that is pretty cool, never seen that setup before.
I will watch some of those videos on that product.