New User Tips & Tricks Wiki

I’m just starting to get a handle on how to drive this thing so wanted to create a special post where we could gather tips and things that aren’t obvious in one place. I’ve made this a ‘wiki’ post, so that rather than straight replies we can all just edit it and update over time. An experiment!


TIP This post is a ‘wiki’ page and can be edited by any member - hit the wee ‘edit icon’ in the top right and give it a go (requires being an invited user, as new users get a bit of delay until they’ve read more things).

TIP When mentioning another user you can type the @ sign and picker will appear. That will let them know they are being talked about! Good stuff eh @BeachAV8R :wink:

TIP When you are reading another post and want to quote from it…just highlight it with your mouse and the software automatically brings up a “quote reply” box. Really fast and useful…

TIP You can either hit CTRL-B or I for bold and italics, use the buttons at the top of the entry box, or you can use double asterisks for bold and single asterisks for italics as you type. Right on!

TIP You can make a quote box manually just by putting four spaces in front of a line of text like this, or select the text and hit the quote icon…

Here is my quote!

TIP A wiki post has an orange icon in the top right (next to the edit one) to show who changed what and when.

TIP When you go to reply to a post, you’ll notice the window splits into an upper and lower pane. You are free to navigate wherever you like in the top pane and the bottom pane will retain your composed (in progress) reply. So it is easy to surf around to another topic or post if you need to reference it without worrying you’ll lose your post.

There are more options than the three listed under the Gear icon when you are making or editing a post.
Find them here: Editing Posts and Formatting.