New Virpil joystick base coming?

Looks like a force feedback stick base coming?

At the 0:48 second mark and again later.


Though from the context, the behaviour is weird? Maybe just a dry clutch like the VKB devices have?


I’m guessing it’s like a clutch/friction damper sort of thing.
The base seems a bit small to be able to house ffb motors…?


Yeah seems likely, but hey, a man can dream!

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Oh yeah…!
Is it still the MS patent that’s killing that dream?

I think that lapsed…

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Yep! And now Brunner has FFB sticks and bases starting at €1300! Ours is once again a hobby for the Everyman!


Right! Brunner… Had forgotten about them. Do their sticks work with sims like DCS, IL-2 and MSFS now?

I have a CLS-E topped with a 100mm extension and Virpil CM2 stick.

The motors are strong enough to hold the stick trimmed in any position, which is great, and the main reason I bought the Brunner base (think helicopter force trim). Hardware based four way stick trim also works great but sometimes confuses autopilot functionality in sims like DCS. Software-based FFB effects works well in X-Plane, MSFS and DCS (to a more limited extent, mainly airspeed based stick forces in the prop aircraft, which is awesome and immersive), but are not full DX compatible, unfortunately (no FFB effects in IL-2). I have not had any luck getting FFB based trim to work internally in DCS. Also, any stick shaking effects are not noticeable (might be software limitation, might be that the motors are too weak to convey that over the 100mm extension).

I have not experimented with the Arduino based DX addon box for the Brunner, so I can’t speak to that.

Is the Brunner worth the money? If you’re an avid helo pilot, definitely. Having true force trim is almost required. I will admit, however, that the current motor forces will not rival the maximum spring and friction tension capable in a VKB or Virpil base. If you crank up the force in the Brunner software, then force the stick against those forces for long, the motors will overheat and trip a failsafe mode in the software that relaxes the motor. This is only a factor if you crank up the force to a very high level. Again, I have mine set to a level that is easily strong enough to hold the stick in any position against trim, yet will not trip the failsafe motor even during heavy maneuvering. I will also say that, with a Jetseat and subwoofer, I receive plenty of tactile feedback through my back, seat and feet, so I don’t miss the lack of FFB effects transmitted through the stick itself.

I can’t speak to the CLS-P, but if Brunner increased the stick forces and made it truly DX FFB compatible (for DCS and Il-2), it should be a Day One purchase for any serious simulator enthusiast.


^^^ This deserves a full article-level writeup! While @BeachAV8R is away, I am going to be so bold as to speak for him: “Smokin’ hole is right! Most Mudspikers have likely never heard of Brunner. They deserve to learn all there is to know of the pros and cons of Brunner’s products and how they can improve the combat flight sim experience!” (Yeah, it doesn’t sound much like him. Come back soon, Beach!)




Considering how well the FFB worked in my Logi G940 for $300 including a throttle and rudder pedals, it seems odd that Brunner is so expensive for an inferior setup, better materials and construction aside.

Had Logi made a follow up to the G940 I would’ve bought it, but they dropped out instead so I went first with the X-56 and now the Winwing. I do miss the FFB.


Whats different/inferior about the setup jedi? Ive never tried ffb apart from on a steering wheel etc.

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The G940 (I have one too) is horribly sloppy, inaccurate. It’s also badly made, especially the throttle where some of the wiring gets frayed by regular use because of how it’s designed.

The FFB was awesome. I miss it too. It was almost as good as the MS FFB2 stick in that respect.


Maybe some day! In the meantime, happy to simply answer questions if anyone is interested.

There was third-party firmware that fixed a lot of the problems in the G940, but in my frankenstick setup (G940 stick base with a 3D printed adapter so it can take a Virpil grip), there is an annoying deadzone in the force feedback. Fortunately the deadzone is not present in the position sensing with the new firmware.

I love it for flying choppers and warbirds. Flying Hornets, it’s certainly possible to refuel and fly close formation, but if you were only flying FBW jets then I’d prefer a Winwing or Virpil stick.

It’s best, in my opinion, for flying the Tomcat. Having the stick actually move its center position and shake when you pull alpha really helps fly that plane. But given the amount of work that went into it, and the difficulty of getting working G940 stick bases now, I don’t think I’d recommend it.


I just ha a thought… is anyone using a Microsoft FFB2? Will it work w DCS?. I bet some fun could be had w the Christian eagle and Rata.
Last time i remember there was no software and maybe no drivers… not sure

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I had a FFB2 years ago prior to the G940, if I recall correctly it worked with Win10 (Edit: it was probably Win7 not Win10) and IL2 Cliffs of Dover and way earlier DCS (I think the Spitfire was released?). But its power supply blew up, and since that’s internal…

Do not know if it will work with DCS but I am using a MS FFB2 with Windows 10 and the IL-2 Great Battles series.

It was just plug and play. Win 10 uses a generic set of drivers. Force Feedback has been hit and miss but the other flight and weapon controls work fine most of the time. Every so often Win10 loses the control and I have to pull the USB jack and replace it, in the same jack is fine, so it will find it again.



Thank you @wheelsup_cavu