No Man's Sky


Interesting entry in the ‘spaaaace’ category.

Just appeared on the steam store too:

Here’s the gameplay demo on the PS/4

I think I like the art style, certainly different from the ULTRA FULL EYEBROWS star citizen approach and the more generic Elite one.


Cool. At 3:06 he warps into that new solar system - and he says “probably no one has ever been here before”…by that I guess he is implying the developer and tester team since there is a large space station there right?

And once uploaded, I wonder if someone does happen to come across that planet (Planet E3)…if the lifeforms and architecture will be the same as the original discoverer or if it is randomized.

Definitely an ambitious project with some cool facets!



The planet/universe creation is all ‘procedural generation’ - which is basically a way they use a small random ‘seed’ number to go generate what gets created and where. Rather than hand-craft a planet #1244011 to say ‘has trees, has orbiting ships’ etc they just run it through an algorithm that does that for them, sort of like a self-expanding set of data based on a tiny origin. It will be the same for everyone as the same ‘seed’ number is used. The upside of that algorithm is it can create billions of things deterministically (i.e. the same every time), with the downside is that it can be hard to distribute how interesting things are (i.e. the rules make everything look similar after a while).

In this case that planet had ‘robot ships’ above it, is my best guess.

Elite back in 1984 (not the first, but an early one) did this too:

Elite (1984)
Elite, created by Ian Bell and David Braben and released on the Acorn BBC Micro, defined a generation of British games and started a history of procedural generation.
Elite is a game that...

I do like the whole ‘fly in space, land on planet, walk around’ thing though. The trick will be to mix in decent gameplay into a procedure world gen, as often they can get a bit bland. Human-created rather than algorithm content is still key in good games :smile:


Awesome I’ve been waiting for this one, the trailers just look so damn cool, such freedom exploration + the art direction is imo stunningly beautiful!


Anyone go for it today?

This game has had quite the ride in terms of people’s reactions, hype and anger. Looks ok. :slight_smile:


TB is streaming right now. It does NOT look good so far. massive performance issues, a lot of tedious do this do that. mehh… I would hold off for now.


I don’t have the time to get into a new game I’d love at the moment, but it might make a good Xmas sale type thing. The art style looks nice at least. Reminds me of the Spore planet stage (both in hype and in reality)

The expectations around it seemed to go crazy for a while there, with people filling in the blanks with every hope and dream they could come up with. Make Procedural Generation Great Again etc. :slight_smile: The dev seemed to lose control of when to hype and when to say ‘yeah, it’s not that type of game’.

EDIT: The twitch stream embed won’t go full screen, so here’s the link -


I watched a stream from a PS4 guy and was pretty impressed with what I saw, but then again I find building and crafting in minecraft fun for hours on end… I guess I’ll end up holding off for a bit on PC till it gets stable.


People have been reporting alot of stability issues with the game, stuttering etc. First impressions as follows.

I have been playing since last night. No gamebreaking issues to speak of. A few weird bugs here and there but nothing major. Running an i5 4960k and a gtx 970, 16mb RAM.

The game its self is not what i expected bust still having alot of fun with it. Its very simple, definitely not a sim, so if youre looking for something along the lines of Elite or Starcitizen look elswhere. Its bery much a console-style game, with support for a contoller but nothing for joysticks that i can see. The flight model is very geard toward contoller style control and “atmospheric” flight is not as freeform as I’d like but it works. (flight keeps you above a minmim altitude and tou just press E to land.)

But, as simple as that is, its still engaging, the scale is massive and the procedural worlds are visuallily interesting.


I haven’t had any issues so far.

I’m enjoying it and it’s quite pretty.

Definitely understand what it is before you buy. It’s not a space sim, like Karl said flying around is best accomplished with a gamepad style controller. It’s a survival/crafting/exploration based game. You’ll spend a lot of time just collecting X resource to power your ship, craft a new item, etc.

One of the first things I’d recommend to anyone getting it for the PC is, first thing you do, go to graphics settings and bump up the FPS cap. By default it’s set to 30 and it was pretty choppy. I bumped it up and it’s much smoother now. (Note: A lot of menu interactions, including this one, will require you to click and hold to get the desired effect.)

I’ll see about posting some screens later.


a far too common issue these days


Man…this thing is getting killed on the social media sites. Has the developer guy said anything to address the reception? I don’t own it…


Sony are the publisher on the PS4 side and they would almost certainly ask Hello Games to say absolutely nothing at this point. Given that the stomping has turned into a sport, that’s probably for a best.

I reckon there are people who’s only hobby is complaining anonymously online. It gets infectious I think, as a sort of comfort in a crowd of fake misery. I’m just waiting for the story of ‘IT TURNED ME INTO A NEWT!’ to come out next. :slight_smile:


Oh…I have no doubt about that. I’m convinced there is a segment of people who enjoy the social interaction of complaining and arguing more than actually playing the sims or games. Which is fair enough…because I enjoy talking about sims too…but the constant negativity would make me want to just go find something else to do.


I have 0 evidence for this, but I rationalize this behavior as the people doing it are probably younger and haven’t had enough life experience to contextualize things. I remember in my teens video games were like the most important thing ever and if they weren’t exactly perfect it was literally the apocalypse. You add to that you average teenager has access to a multitude of platforms with a potential audience of billions and suddenly it kind of makes sense. All those stupid things we thought as kids are suddenly very public, and building off the exaggerated feelings of other kids.

You get into the real world, learn about paying bills, credit scores, loan repayment, time and money management, experience actual tragedy and suddenly a video game company embellishing a product becomes much less critical in the greater scheme of things.

(Of course this theory breaks down around the sim crowd where I, in the my 20s, am consistently the youngest person in the room watching the temper tantrums :wink:)

All of that said I do think Hello Games deserves some of the beating their taking. I can understand that things get cut in game development. But the failure to mention how drastically things had been scaled back, and the use of a build that had those things in promotional materials is rather egregious to me. You can only Molyneux so hard before it comes back to bite you.


I do too, as in my commentary on the huge reaction in no way makes the game any better. The game is kinda ordinary - interesting, but fundamentally flawed in a game-play mechanic that only really appeals to a sort of chilled-out mindset where the grind is so pleasant it doesn’t matter (like Elite can be sometimes).

But because it seems like it has now killed millions of people horribly by ripping out their hearts :slight_smile: then it’s unlikely to get improved. A sort of self-fulfilling prophecy I guess, i.e. hype train made it and hate train killed it. Too too!


The hype train giveth, and the hype train taketh away. :grin:

I don’t understand a lot of people complaining about this. We live in an age of digital media delivery and enough game journalists to fill a couple sky scrapers. There were a number of warning signs in the weeks and days immediately proceeding the launch, and it’s not like the game was going anywhere if you didn’t buy it IMMEDIATELYOMFGWTFBBQ!#[email protected]#!


Thread revival.

Well if the bad hype wasn’t deserved, then i don’t think steam and just about every other distributor would have done what they did.

Eg. Steam offered a no quibles full money back refund outside of thier normal refund policy. So did many other distributors. Now if steam (the stickler of refund policies) is willing to go outside of its own rules and offer refunds then there is a reason to it.

This has stopped now though because (and as usual) this was blatantly abused as people with gaming time 70 hours + were refunding the game.

What seems to sum up most of the complaints.

The developer looks like he told too many porkies and got a backlash for it


I’m curious, anyone around messed with No Man’s Sky since the Next update?

I got NMS when it released but only spent a few short hours playing it as I, like many others, was unhappy with what the release product actually was, despite my fairly optimistic post almost two years ago.

The Next update has renewed some interest from myself and I’m curious if anyone else has messed with it since the update. I’m definitely interested in the multiplayer aspect of the update.


I checked a couple reviews (I don’t own it) due to the update but they’re still generally negative. Obviously these are pre-next reviews since it just released but still. I can’t justify the price for the negativity.