No Man's Sky


I already typed “it looks like a game I’d buy when it’s on a really good special offer”…but then I realised I never really play the games I buy apart from DCS and X-plane these days…so I probably shouldn’t buy it :slightly_smiling_face:


Co-worker of mine said the update was pretty good and considering he had already purchased the base game the fact that the update was free was a nice touch. That said, he didn’t think the $60 price tag for the game now was necessarily worth it.


Well it’s 50% off right now but still.



So I’m watching a stream… the lure is real. It looks pretty neat. Someone to adventure with might be the proverbial straw…


Oh I’m definitely not expecting anyone else to pick it up, I’m more curious to see if there’s any suckers that got the game at release, like myself, who have changed their opinions after giving it another go. I reinstalled it and let it download the update but won’t be able to try it out until closer to the weekend.

I imagine we’ll see as this week goes on if the recent reviews change their tune.


I think it looks good. Tempted.

The way I see it, if I forget all the history, it’s a game that seems similar to something like Subnautica, and I enjoyed that.




I’ll be starting fresh in maybe 30 minutes if anyone wants to start together.


On a scale of 1 to @troll how ‘crafty’ is it in what you’ve seen? I remember seeing initial videos where there was lots of minecraftian style ‘2 wood + 1 brick = Catalan road’ style stuff, and I’m not sure I can hack that. Everything else looks great though.

Also, I can’t play tonight - I have a Hornet to work inadequately in MP tonight.


Doesn’t seem terrible to start. Collecting stuff tends to give a decent amount so far, so I’m not starving for things.

But I’m also just on the tutorial planet so …



It’s like Mario dropped acid.

Is your starter planet toxic? That would be mean.


Apparently all the starter planets are irradiated. And you start taking toxic damage fairly quickly. Finding sodium rapidly becomes urgent haha.


So lots of fun so far. I’m stuck at one point in the main quest, where I may have done something out of order and it may not recover. We’ll have to see. I may need to restart, which would be annoying. But it’s been a blast so far. Moved on to a couple new planets, and need to start building a base ( this is the part I may have messed up).

Current planet is not suitable really. We’ll see. Have to take more screenshots. Game looks awesome visually.


I took the plunge. The reviews are a lot better now that the game has matured a lot. Downloading now (just 5 hours to go!)…


I’m really enjoying it so far.


That’s good to hear. I’ll report back once I have played with it a bit.



Looks like you’re having fun! :+1: