No Man's Sky

Only 30 million more planets to go!


Some cranky dudes tried to steal my cargo last night so I blew them up. I was displeased. Two systems away from where I started. Currently on a space station there saved.

I wish there better ways to save than just getting out of your craft (and the base manual save add-on).

Hnngh, this is looking interesting. Must…resist…

And the sale is still on too. Hurrr

I’m now over 10 hours in. I feel I am still learning the ropes, but I am getting there. This is starting to really eat into my simming time…

I just had my first battle with space pirates, who were attacking a freighter. Afterwards, the captain of the freighter handed his ship over to me, which was… unxpected. Now I have to learn how to use it.

My starter spacecraft, with the freighter up ahead…

Moving in to dock.

I’m going to have to check out that planet below too. This is the first one I have found with water. Should be interesting to explore it.


Love the screenshots - keep em coming! :slight_smile:

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That is a huge ass freighter. I’ve only seen two smaller ones so far (and they were together).

Other than the crashed ones of course. Though even those were smaller I think.

Really liking this so far. We need to get some multiplayer going.

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I caved in…haha. Too intrigued not to.

Played a bit late last night after download finished. Started fixing my starship but got lost in a cave.

Ended up finding another way out but had to go to bed before I could find the ship so had to quit without saving, ah well. Need to find some carbon!

Screenshots to follow.


Carbon is easy. Oxygen can be a pain. Sodium groups nicely most of the time.

I found one patch of carbon I think but then the cave mouth lured me in and it was only after a few turns and twists that I realised I haven’t upgraded my visor to have a compass. Uh oh. :grin:

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Trees / plants give carbon, plenty to go around!

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Ah. Trees give carbon. I am not a smart man.

I’m currently stuck in my ship, waiting for a storm to pass. It is colder than an eskimo’s outhouse outside.


I found an exosuit upgrade and I repaired all but the antimatter part of it, given that I have no idea where to find antimatter. I have no idea how to find my way back to that spot, though. Ah well.

I flew to another planet in the same system for the first time too, which was pretty cool. This one is a desert planet - circa 20c during the day, quite pleasant. Still gets dangerously cold when the sun sets.

When you wanted to harvest some di-hydrogen for fuel, but instead found out how the terrain manipulator works - oops.


Definitely accidentally terrain manipulated before. That’s balls!

This is pretty cool, I have to say. I didn’t expect to be able to build a wooden shack! I have a home now! Brings quite a wild west vibe when you’re on a desert planet with Joshua Trees around.


don’t get too attached, you’re super early game and there is much to explore, before finding a place to really call home!

edit: on that note, you aren’ that far behind me in terms of progress now. I’ve completed the hyperdrive portion (antimatter) and I think I’ve moved into the main quest, not the tutorial now.


That looks fantastic - thanks for the screenshots.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to play it.

I’ve got a backlog of games like Jay Leno has cars not to drive.

I’m never going to have the time to sit down and get into it.

It would be a waste of money, as really, about zero chance of making the most of it.

It’s a shame, because it looks really good.





You are a stronger man than I - I was on the same boat but the space exploration lure was too great :grin:

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Click on the ‘Dammit…’ bit Bearhedge. I am weak.

I’ll be on ts and playing this evening. No rocket league tonight.

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Hahaha I totally missed that!

Welcome onboard :grin:

This thread is starting to look like one of those X-plane store sales threads where @BeachAV8R and @PaulRix convince each other that buying the Animated pine cones by Alaskan helipads add-on only makes sense and is a steal really :stuck_out_tongue:

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