Northrop Grumman Wins New Contract For Long Range Bomber

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We could spend lots of money building a new one or we could spend lots of money refurbishing an old one. :wink:

have i mentioned i love the f-111

But if we have a new one, i wonder what it can do?

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The F-111 is just a gorgeous airplane…

Aside from make a General out of whomever manages the program? :wink:

I’m very curious on this one- I don’t know that I’ve even read requirements on what the Air Force wants it to do, aside from drop bombs. Anybody read anything more specific?

Got this from Wiki, I know not reliable but makes sense…

s of January 2015, the only unclassified information on the proposed LRS-B is that production is targeted at 80–100 aircraft, it will replace the B-52 and B-1 bomber fleets, it will be stealthy, mature technologies will be used rather than launching new developments, although it will have an open architecture for future features, and initial operational capability is planned for the mid-2020s with certification to carry nuclear weapons approved two years later; optional manning is still being discussed. With a target price of $550 million per aircraft, Defense News quoted a source with knowledge of the program predicting that the LRS-B may be smaller than the B-2, perhaps half the size, powered by two engines in the Pratt & Whitney F135 power class.[60]

Interestingly the F135 engines are used on the F-35. So two engines will out thrust the B2. This could mean a supersonic stealthy bomber.

One thing I do not know is how supersonic speeds would effect a B2 type design.

Also another thought is, Manned or unmanned?

I had read ‘both’ (will look up where), in that the spec is for it to be manned but with the ability to allow unmanned flight in the future.

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I honestly have a hard time believing that in 2030(my guesstimate to when the LRSB will be delivered) that we will still be manned flight.

I guess the requirements were put out what 10ish years ago. So I guess back then unmanned was still kinda taboo

“According to the estimates outlined in the contract, each long-range bomber will cost $511 million (in 2010 dollars), meeting the $550 million threshold set by the Pentagon.”

Which means they will probably end up costing 700 million. Half a BILLION dollars for a bomber. Unbelievable. I’ll shut up, because I don’t have anything good to say about it.


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I agree. The trend seems to be solidly in that direction.

A bit more info on the requirements of the LRS-B here:

Amen… dont want to get started on stuff like how they only put in a paltry 5 or so billion in cancer research yearly, they want to protect their citizens, then they should throw money at the real stuff killing people…

Its cool following stuff like this, because I love military aviation, but when you really think about it in the grand scheme of things… ugh, it doesnt make a ton of sense… ok, enough OT for me :smile:

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