NVIDIA unveils 65-inch 4K 'Big Format Gaming Displays' with G-SYNC

I mean, if I had infinite money or something, this would be really nice for flight sims. With those pixels I’d be the dog fight king! :wink:


Bring on the big formats I say! :slight_smile: After trying current gen VR, I’m thinking my next monitor will be a curved 55" 4K ultrawide.

Before VR I had a 34” Ultra Wide curved screen, and it absolutely rocked. Stepping up the size a few notches would probably bring that ”in your face” experience that VR does. At least if you sit close to it.

I can work on my radiation tan at last! I wish I could buy one. By the time they get to Qatar they will cost 50% more than In the US.

How much fun do you think Nvidia had naming it th B-F-G D? LOL.

Still on the honeymoon with my 34” Acer Preditor. As much as I love VR, it’s got an awfully long way to go before it becomes my only display device.

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The moons aligned today and I pulled the trigger on a 60" 4K TV that works great as a computer monitor! …

VR spoiled me in terms of that “being there” feeling but I really didn’t see myself getting satisfactory flight sim graphics within the next three+ years. Cockpit and visual range detail with this 4K is jaw dropping with surprisingly low framerate impact on my 1070. (I can’t believe the 1070 is pumping out 3x more pixels than my 2560x1080 ultrawide no problem … we’re talking 3840x2160 native at 60Hz)


Dang…that’s nice. I’m actually in the market for both (VR and big screen). I love VR for what it does…but it also isn’t adequate for some other stuff I do (writing articles and some 2D applications). Right now I’m running dual 27" VA2703 Viewsonics…and I like the setup…but that huge monitor is pretty appealing. The one thing I like about dual monitors is the ability to have one as my gaming monitor while I have the second as my browser while I’m gaming… Can I sub-divide a large monitor like that into smaller windows for that purpose?

Congrats Linebacker, it looks stupendous. Its so satisfying to play with good graphics.

2 weeks from now: linebacker requires eye surgery.

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That’s huge. Mini review if you have time please.

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What would be considered a normal viewing distance from that monitor?

Not sure about normal viewing distance but mine is 3 feet. Contrary to @Rhinosaurus’ comment, I find viewing this TV/monitor easier on the eyes than my 34" ultrawide … just a little more head turning. :slight_smile:

Here’s a 120 degree FOV in the default 737 @ YYZ … the picture doesn’t do it justice … I can read all that text quite easily and just to the right is my perfmon …

Sorry for the lack of info … I was busy all day.

I should’ve taken a screenshot to show exactly what I see … this is it (I think you can enlarge it by clicking on it) …


That looks great. You got me thinking in this direction. I believe I will hook my PC to my TV this weekend. The beast must be towed… Its so big lol.

Just try it out. I think the freedom to experiment is king here. I mentioned the moons aligned but it was more like my wife called me from the grocery store of all places to tell me they have a 60” 4K TV on sale (regular $1100, now $700 (like $525 US)) and Jan 20th was a NO SALES TAX day! (13% here in Canada).

I knew I wanted one for our family room but of course my Mudspike kicked in so I thought about using one as a monitor. I bought one for our family room to experiment and hooked it up to my computer but was immediately disappointed with the graphics quality and framerate. I thought it had to be a crappy HDMI cable so I ran out and bought a nice 8 foot 4K HDMI cable on sale for $25. I plugged it in and the graphics looked great. Then I found out I could increase the frequency from 30Hz to 60Hz. Smooth sailing from there on out!

After getting the Linebacker stamp of approval :slight_smile: I went ahead and bought one for our family room as well … it’s a SHARP model LC-60P62U … I LOVE THEM BOTH! Three thumbs up! :+1::+1::+1:

Dude! You better hold on to her! Your wife rocks. You saved nearly half!!
Thank you for confirming that cables make a difference. I was wondering. My TV don’t have display port. I will go to the Post Exchange today and get a worthy HDMI cable. If my TV don’t do the game justice, I will have to have a nice 4k display.
Good Post. Thank You.

Hey … the TV has built in Netflix so I signed up for 4K Netflix for $3 a month extra … it’s like you’re right there in the scene man!

We have a 48” HD TV.
I’ve been looking at those 4K 60ish inchers at the store, and it’s like looking out the window… BETTER than looking out the window because the screen is cleaner than my windows…! :wink:

I got my first smart tv this year. Its incredible. I got Neflx and Amazon. Here is the amazing part. I’m in Qatar so a lot of the movies say “not available in your area” So I go online and buy it (using my phone or PC) then its ready to be watched on the TV. Its a good browser and YouTube has never been the same. I love watching the DCS F-18 videos on it. They look crisp.

Woohoo! I got an HDMI 4K Gold cable

Went home with a purpose last night. What can I get out of this TV?
Here is the setup. I have an older PC in the living room and I took the easy way out.

Proc Inteli7 [email protected] (This is old)
Mobo ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 Intel X58 SLI
Mem G.SKILLRipjaws 16GB 4x4GB SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
EVGA 980Ti
My TV is a SAMSUNG. I forgot to get the model number but I will provide this later.

In 4k the game looks great but I only got 30 fps. Why? Uhmmmm
However, in 1080 I get an unflinching 60fps. Games look amazing and play is smooth. I saw things I never saw before. I can count the barrels in the F-15’s Vulcan. There are so many details I never seen before… This is the way forward as far as a monitor.
I spent 2 hours doing some “testing” and walked away impressed. I had a go at DCS 1.5 and IL2 BoS. It is fantastic.
Thanks again to Linebacker for the information and encouragement.

Here is what remains of my testing.

  1. Get my main PC in the living room. (I live alone so I’m out of excuses)
  2. I need a desk (maybe a new chair too) to put my peripherals on.

I’m real interested in this. I will keep posting…