Oculus Home 2

Available in beta, just change your Settings/Beta/opt in setting in the current Oculus Home.

I typed this on the VR keyboard. Odd stuff.

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Will try tomorrow!

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So far it works really well. It’s basically Minority Report type UI, as you can have a huge virtual desktop with individual windows pinned around you. It does take some getting used to, in that the point, grab, ‘dock’ gestures will take some repetition to remember. The ‘virtual home’ stuff is pretty polished (I like my Jellyfish tank) and the ‘I can pin Netflix as a 3D window inside Elite Dangerous inside VR’ is going to be actually quite useful.


Hello, I am also typing in vr Very cool and the predicted text helps a lot. i wish I can change the keyboard position

I am wondering, how to stop the music thats is played so I can listen to a movie. Also do you know how to move the screen (Desktop) furthur away to make viewing more comfortable ?
Cheers and sorry if its obvious. PS I have no controllers, just x box and the wee one that packs with the rift

The Pirate cove home was very nice! I liked the mini games. Archery and blaster shooting was fun!
But my FPS in DCS took a nosedive!
Where I usually have 90FPS steady, it now seemed to pulsate between 45 & 90. Almost as if ASW turned on and off, continously…
I then selected the classic view without the dash, in Oculus home, and DCS was back to a solid 90 again.

I’m not sure, I thought it was Touch only but it looks like it does work with X-box controllers. With touch when you ‘grab’ something, you can use the left stick to rotate it or move it further away, including grabbed desktop screens.

I’ve read that people have had success with putting ‘Admin permissions needed’ on the Oculus client shortcut, i.e. right click on the ‘Oculus’ shortcut / Properties / Compatibility / Run this program as an administrator. That basically stops it from running automatically when putting on the headset and can save a bunch of memory fragmentation before launching a VR app. When you want to go to Oculus Home you just click the icon, accept the admin dialog and you’re in. For SteamVR and games that have no Home integration it saves a bunch of time/memory.

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So, what you are saying is that I shouldn’t launch Oculus Home before DCS…?

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Not unless you want to launch it from there. The ‘run as admin’ works on the normal as well as the beta version, and it means VR games will start up a lot quicker, as they don’t have to go to the trouble of bringing up a 3D world just because you put the visor on, only for it to have to unload when DCS comes up anyway.

The Oculus drivers and underlying service etc aren’t impacted, it’s purely just the Home client that doesn’t come up automatically.


I have always thought Oculus Home had to be running in the background…
Will try the run as admin trick.

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Nice Oculus Home 2 feature demo, if you don’t want to try it yet:


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I need to buy you some beers. The run as admin has just made Normandy flyable for me. I guess the reduced CPU cycles and memory is now powering the game and not oculus home YAAY. My problem was that there was significant “tearing/ghosting” previously even with all settings dumbed down. It was never a problem with 1.5.~ only 2.1.

Thank you :smiley:


Yeah! The run as admin trick worked great!
How do you know all this, @fearlessfrog?

@discobot fortune Does @fearlessfrog actually know everything there is to know?

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:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again

Ok, @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: My reply is no

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I get the feeling this bot is hiding something…

Here’s a nice DCS example of the new Dash with desktop windows shown in VR. Handy for briefing materials and manuals.

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