OCULUS RIFT S - Everything we KNOW


Looks nice!


I think Oculus are keen to promote and launch the stand-alone Oculus Quest pretty soon. Until that is out my guess is they just want to concentrate on that. It does seem a long time till they refreshed their PC stuff, so hopefully after the Quest launch.


Keeping my fingers crossed. I’ll be a day 1 buyer if they refresh the Rift. I will not be buying another WMR/Steam VR headset anytime soon after having a less than stellar experience with the Odyssey Plus. Admittedly, that is a personal opinion as I know that several people here have really enjoyed the O+ and it’s better displays.


My Rift probably averages 5 hours a week. After nearly two years there are obvious signs of wear. I am not totally confident that I have enough duct-tape and chewing gum skills to keep it going until the next generation.

Ok so that video: As a 1-language guy myself I should hesitate to fault the English skills of a non-native speaker. But man that was painful! His native tongue with subtitles might have worked better.


Yes, he has good information, but I too have trouble with his accent, and I think the first few videos of his I watched I was probably like a cartoon dog, with my head tilted sideways and a question mark over my head. :grinning:

I understand him better now, but it’s a slight chore to interpret some things, especially as he talks fast.


What I don’t like about the Rift is that Oculus = Facebook and I am strongly opposed to Facebook.
That being said: I tried the Rift at a friend’s place and it was a pretty nice experience.


I have both the Rift and The samsung Odyssey, and while the Odyssey has a much brighter and arguably clearer picture if you have the settings correct, The overall experience is below that of the Oculus.

The software is clunkier, The headset is uncomfortable and the controllers are awful.

In the end, it comes down to what’s important to you. A (slightly) better picture, or a better overall experience.


Eh i dont care about the facebook connection but what I really despise about the rift is that stupid store window it insists on popping up every time you activate it. It desperately wants to be steam and i dont need nor want another steam, one is enough, thank you very much.


They’ve been super cautious with the PC device of doing anything Facebooky. People are watching pretty hard, as you can imagine. For the upcoming mobile stuff the bar is a little different, as it’s more a self-contained ‘console’ device.

I agree with that. Great screen, poor fit design. You basically have to get the aftermarket stuff. I don’t mind the controllers that much, but they are not in the same league as the Oculus Touch things. The $299 for that screen though…

Hardware was the loss leader, make it up in software sales through a new store. It’s a tough market to get in to as Valve is the incumbent and there is a natural stickiness to a single games library. What Epic are doing (as are Discord as well) by offering exclusives and better dev publishing deals might do it, but if anyone was going to make a bridgehead in terms of a new PC store it was probably never going to be Facebook.


Unless you learned the fact from Redit or a forum such as this one, you would likely never know that your new Oculus has any association with FaceBook.


They do ask for a Facebook login at install time, but it’s optional and you can skip it. I think they were always super aware of people installing 2 USB cameras on their desktop that have to always face you, and then calling it a Facebook Device in any way. :slight_smile:

Since the Rift launch a few years ago, the Oculus brand has been crept down a bit in prominence, as it is no longer a separate entity and organizationally now part of ‘Facebook VR’. The old Oculus CEO is now a ‘unit manager’ at Facebook. They did cash out for a lot of money, post acquisition and vesting.

The Zuck will do the next product launch. An old photo but it always makes me laugh for some reason…


It was in the news here back then. And my friends and I discussed it a lot because of what Facebook is and what they do.

But I understand what you are trying to say. Good to hear that you don’t need a FB account or something.


The Facebook aspect is very non-intrusive with the Rift. Hopefully that will continue with subsequent versions.

Facebook doesn’t bother me too much. We are all easy to find online to some extent. That’s part of the reason am generally not too bothered about hiding my name on forums such as this one.

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