Odyssey Plus replacement foam from VRCover



Oooh, pleather - luxury! :slight_smile:

Interested in these, and it looks like two pad replacements, as in, the one on the forehead and the bit that surrounds the unit/eyes. Nice.

EDIT: I think it is just the unit/eyes bit actually - hard to tell.


OK, I ordered a set, and since I’ve been pretty vocal about the fit, should be a good candidate for testing. Let you know how it goes.


Keen to hear what you think. They do ship to the Great Frozen North (it got as low as 42F here today, weird how that works eh?) but it does take a lot longer.


Sweet - was waiting for this. Ordered!


Can I pay extra for the non Vegan friendly leather?
I had to laugh at that.
Thanks for the link. Looks like another purchase for me.


Received my O+ VR Cover today. The package actually comes with two covers (I didn’t know that) and I didn’t realize how easy it is to remove the stock padding…it is just velcroed in there. The new pad has a cloth backing that sticks to the Velcro and you just line it up and start working it in there. The side that sits against your face is very, very soft and squishy and is covered in pleather (?). I might need to crunch mine up a bit more around the outer perimeter because the ends that meet at the nose piece actually press the flaps of the nosepiece a bit more on my nose. I might trim the nose pieces out altogether perhaps. The result is comfortable, with what feels like less pressure on my forehead, and a reduction in light leakage although not completely eliminated the gap at the bottom. Holding the stock pad in my hands along with the replacement, the stock pad is thinner, firmer, and sort of explains why it never felt great in the first place.

That gap, which I don’t even notice while playing anyway, is just between your cheekbone and your nose, and is maybe wide enough to slip a pinky under. That gap might close down further as this new padding gets broken in perhaps. The gap could be completely eliminated probably by modding the headset with some sort of rubber band or zip tie that pulls headband close to the display housing by a quarter of an inch or something. I think there have been some mods online that show how to do this. It closes the gap, but doesn’t put any additional pressure on your face. I might mod mine to do that.

This is what that mod looks like…it basically pulls the optics casing part closer to the back headband and closes the gap at the bottom of the padding (this would work with or without the VR Covers). I’ll still never understand why Samsung didn’t just engineer some additional flex in the area where the band mates to the rest of the HMD.

Looking forward to spending some time in the O+ with the new padding to see how it feels over a long sim session…


Let us know how it goes. I ordered one but mine is Velour. Lucky I don’t sweat much. Wish I had paid attention…



Thinking of picking this up too…