Official 8th Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight 2022 Discussion and AAR Thread

Since it seems that people are already starting their Christmas flight for this year, here is a thread to post your tales of adventure!

For those late to the party, this year is a little different.

You may:

  1. Participate in a Secret Santa selection to visit another randomly selected Mudspiker who is also participating.

PM me for your “Secret Santa” destination. I’ll try to honor any requests for particular destinations, distances, etc. The goal is to make this trip approachable for as many Spikers as possible.

A belated thank you to @keets for the great suggestion!

  1. Travel to visit @BeachAV8R in Charlotte (KCLT) for the holiday.

  2. Some combination of the two. Fly to visit @BeachAV8R after picking up presents at the North Pole, stop by another Spiker’s house, enroute or after, etc.

As always, there are no restrictions as to sim, aircraft, weather etc. All options are open to you, if it encourages you to join in!

The goal is to complete your flight by New Year’s Eve.

I’ve kept the tradition of titling the event as the “Christmas” Flight. However, all holidays are represented and welcome here in the spirit of good will and coming together.

So good luck, happy landings and keep your jingle bells deiced!


Currently, this is the lineup of interested pilots:

Fridge: CYFC to KCLT
apollon01 ELLX to KCLT
PaulRix KEDC to KCLT to XXXX
Aginor EDSB to XXXX to KCLT
keets EGCW to XXXX to KCLT
BierRunner KVTA to KCLT to XXXX
Navynuke99 KRDU to XXXX to KCLT
schurem EHEH to KCLT
Bearhedge NZNE to XXXX to KCLT
Victork2 EGVN to CYQX to KCLT
guod KSGR to PATK to XXXX
Deacon211 KPHL to KCLT to XXXX

The XXXX is for your Secret Santa airport.

There is of course no requirement to declare in order to participate. You can make your own way at your own discretion, should you prefer.

Also, no one has expressed the desire to limit their journey length either in the maximum or minimum. If you don’t want to get to Charlotte from Raleigh via Mumbai, please let me know. :wink:


My “home airport” is EDSB

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I will fly my XboX flight sim to Charlotte (KCLT?) I will take off from Eindhoven. As I have no idea how to post a screenshot from that, I may not be able to do a pictorial AAR, so I’ll just write about it. And/or figure out how to make xboXx screenshots.


Voting Democratic National Convention GIF by Joe Biden


There’s a button on your controller just for that. :smiley:

  • A single press takes a screenshot
  • A long press records a 30-second game clip

Added a shoutout to @keets for the great suggestion for this year’s trip to main post.

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Just waiting for Fridge to get back to me with his info and I’ll spin the big prize wheel.

That should give anyone still interested another day or so to join…though you can always join late! :grin:

Does anyone mind breaking down how the Secret Santa process works Barney style for me?


Lol, sure.

I have the home airport of everyone who wants to join the Trek. Barring any special requests, I’m going to take them all and randomly match them up.

Then I’m just going to PM each participant who they get to visit for the Holidays.

They can then offer that info up, or just show up on that person’s doorstep.

Surprise! :grin:

I’m actually including everyone in the draw. So, even if you are only going to fly to KCLT you may still get a visit from somebody else.



Victork2 inbound EGVN-KCLT via CYQX


@Victork2 is CYQX your Holiday destination? Or are you looking for a Secret Santa assignment?

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Neither, was just a nice stepping stone over the pond.

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I was gonna say! Gander, Newfoundland? :slight_smile:

CYQX only counts if you do it at night, in bad weather and during the winter…:crazy_face::rofl:


Alright, all the assignments are out to those participating.

After much thought, I had to limit the Secret Santa assignments to those participating in the exchange…otherwise someone who visits won’t get visited.

However, so no one gets left out…


Pilots! To your planes!

Good luck!


I’m not sure I will make it but it’s good fun to try again.

EHVB is my home airfield. I have great memories of the P-3s landing there as I cycled past the runway threshold. It is not in service anymore but the runway is there and it works in the simulators I have tried.

If I’m not home, @TheAlmightySnark can accept the presents!

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She’s bit old for him… :man_shrugging:

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I am hoping darkstar can cope… or the MD11. Havent decided yet. But high Hypersonic is favourite so far due to time


Excellent! I can’t start flying yet, the PC is in the in-laws garage in stowed mode for a month or two still until we can move in to our house…but I can start route planning! :grin:

I am tempted by an epic eastward crossing of the South Pacific from NZ for a start but need to work out how the distances play out - it would be pretty fun to try it out in the DC-6 but that may require some celestial navigation, a skill I do not as of yet possess. There’s the XP11 727 that at least would run a Carousel INS…but I’ll do some DC-6 planning first. Aim high, so to speak!