OH-58 coming to DCS ?

From the comments:

to which Polychop replied:



At last an “Unofficial” announcement. I have had to keep quiet for over a year with this knowledge but one of the Polychop chaps posted on the 229th forums for ex Kiowa pilots. We have a couple in our ranks :slight_smile:

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Oh man…the OH-58 would be sooooooo awesome. Can’t wait to play hunter/killer with an attack helo wingman…


We need something that actually uses proper SALH missiles.

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It seems like a natural progression from the BO and Gazelle

Of course…the OH-58 will only be 50% of my Dream Team…


And though it was posted in the NATO videos thread…this needs to be viewed again to show how badass both the OH-58 is as well as super cool mustaches… Turn it up!


Would have preferred a Lynx, but I’m not complaining.


Lynx next? DCS scout helicopter.

If they bring the Kiowa, I’ll be all in. It is my favorite observation/scout/hunter helo. It will definitely tide me over until someone does the Apache (wishful thinking). Bring it!


It would just go so well with the Gazelle…

Would the OH-58 be able to laser designate for an A-10?

I think so, yes. In fact for every aircraft dropping Paveways. This makes the Kiowa Warrior a very interesting addition.

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It is notorious for its N1 droop. If this is modelled correctly it may not be too popular. I would love to have one of the earlier models. Me and a doorgunner :smile:
This has a large part devoted to the Hunter role in Vietnam and whilst fiction has a very authentic feel about it

I would love it. Its light and fast and packs all kinds of weapons. NICE!
Another one I would die for is the OH-6. I really enjoy this aircraft in ARMA III. It is the only thing I do in ARMA III

Oh Wow! Please let it be so!

They posted this on their FB a few hours ago


This would be probably the first chopper I get for DCS.

I would also like AH-64A please.


Yeah, I came across it on FB and posted in a different thread. They said not to speculate and all will be revealed at Cosford Flight Sim expo this weekend. Guy on FB almost spilled all the beans last I was there… :grin:

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No…no OH-58…just a talented hand shadow guy who likes aircraft…