OH-58 coming to DCS ?

Sweet, this is going to be a must have.

I hate to be “that guy,” but I have to ask if they’re planning on updating the Gazelle, or at least finishing that one to a better standard, before attempting another multicrewed helicopter scout. I’d love the chance to play scout in a fully finished helo, not one of two half-finished birds.


I guess @Andrew116’s link in the Gazelle thread summarises their intentions:

“… our intentions were to learn from the flaws in the Gazelle and build the new module from scratch, then implement and adapt the new code for the Gazelle module. Now we will focus on finding ways to develop both the Gazelle and the new module in parallel.”

Hopefully they’ll be able to deliver.

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There’s been an interesting thread on Polychop’s FB page regarding the Kiowa (hopefully) at Cosford. Seems confirmed based on convos. Interestingly, they’ve been getting some shots regarding the Gazelle. I’ve cut and pasted two of Polychop’s responses:

“yes. we have worked the past days on both modules at the same time. We have one new coder onboard who started to implement bugfixes on the gazelle which are under internal tests at the moment. The fm update still has to wait a bit though”

“Well, as it was stated before, the new technology is implemented in the new project first and will later be used to update the Gazelle flightmodel.”