Oh..hello there...(Harrier first impressions..)


Quantity to one?


Dont worry Chris, for the exact same reasons we dont have time to read your posts :smile: :wink:

Just kidding… keep em comin :slight_smile:


Quick question … In one of jabbers great vids he showed the sidearm being used … My question is can they be used against ships or planes … both have radars :thinking:


good question. would be fun to stomp an eagle in the nose with a sidearm unexpectedly :sweat_smile:


I think the range of the sidearm (which is a modifed AIM-9 I think?) is quite limited, say 10nm or so? Plus the warhead must be pretty small. If you get to use it against a ship (or an F-15 even) then you definitely deserve some sort of bonus prize. :slight_smile:


like the completely disproportionate damage to the eagle drivers’ huge but fragile ego


I’m curious to hear what it can do, but my understanding is the AGM-122 is tuned to the J Band used by the SA-8 and ZSU-23-4’s tracking radars. As far as I can tell your average fighter FCR set is going to be in a different band entirely.

Also if you’re in range for a sidewinder shot, AIM-9M is the way to go.


Curious if the hot spot detector is working as well. NAVFLIR looks pretty cool.


Some nice NAVFLIR footage here:


From the Pocket guide (page 67) -

The real NAVFLIR hotspot detector has more features and options that cannot
be simulated on DCS. One of these features is sensibility. The real NAVFLIR
hotspot detector will detect ALL temperature differentials which creates
many false readings. Unfortunately, it is not possible to simulate such
sensibility in DCS, so the hotspot detector is limited to detection of active
vehicles (AI or player controlled vehicles). The hotspot detector in DCS will
not mark buildings or scenery objects.

NAVFLIR Hotspot Detector is not available on initial Early Access release. The
system will be enabled in subsequent updates.


The real world has more features and options that cannot
be simulated by the DCS fan community. One of these features is sensibility.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to simulate such
sensibility in the DCS fan community.



Pssssh the Intel i7,000,000 quantum CPU will fix all of this. You can just simulate a small universe, and then control an Actual HarrierTM in there.


Very nice!

Now with the number of planes using FLIR growing, i hope we will soon see a better FLIR renderer, the color remapping process that they are using now simply has too many downfalls.







…and this is the result when you try some fancy-shmancy fast transitions from forward flight to VTOL (or VIFFing I guess) when you are a bit over the hover weight…


@BeachAV8R blowing up above is now my new Windows wallpaper!


I don’t see a Yak-38 in that picture. That’s the only Harrier-ski I know of.