Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...



I’m going to go ahead and ask a dumb question. How do you remove holograms from your Cliff House? I’m getting a little tired of seeing that damn gecko riding his bike around my pad.



Are you still using the labels mod you talk about here?

I’m interested in going with something a little less obtrusive than the default…


Saw something that the O+ would be on sale for Black Friday at $299


Hover over it, and a black set of controls appears - the X cross deletes it:


Not intentionally :slight_smile:

It still works well, just a grey dot if you need it over a certain distance.


Yep, in the news thread here - Samsung Odyssey & Odyssey Plus News. I’ll rename each topic to make this one more an ‘impressions and tips’ one and the other one news and stuff, as it is a bit confusing.


I need someone else to weigh in on this but I’m starting to think more and more that there is some kind of application based volume focusing going on. Try flying around in the huey while listening to music, I used Spotify, then hit ESC. It really seems like the music fades in louder (beyond the game sounds going away). I did install some equalizer program to try and get more bass so it might be that, but just wondering if anyone else is noticing weird variations in volume before I uninstall it?


I noticed when I went to Task Manager that all of the items that you have active that are pinned to your walls in your WMR “Home” (Cliff House or City House) are also active apps running in the background. I guess this is obvious, but I didn’t realize it until I opened Task Manager. I’m sure these wall mounted apps are very light on resources…but it does beg the question of whether we need could use a “minimalist” house for gaming?


Short question:
To use an Odyssey (for example for DCSW), do I need any accounts or something?
And if yes: do I have to register the headset there?


I wouldn’t know anyway. That was a lifetime ago.

Yer still killing me with all of this O+ stuff. I might snag it during the Black Friday sale but the complaints about the controllers worry me. I now spend ALL of my X-Plane time away from the desk and fly with the controllers and pedals exclusively. The 757 pro v.2 has very specific rift/vive controller settings that allow for full cockpit functionality without stick and throttle. I am unwilling to give that up for the joy of no more SDE.

@Jeffzig’s Impressions above were very helpful. Thanks!

Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...


Only a Steam account, because you need to run SteamVR for WMR to fly DCSW.


Ah OK I have that anyway.
The reason why I asked is that I’d like to buy it and be able to lend/sell it from/to friends.
I’d dislike a VR headset to be registered and/or bound to some account belonging to Facebook/Microsoft or something as I don’t intend to have accounts there.


This article might help smokihole…


Thanks! I don’t normally run SteamVR except with IL2 (currently the only game in my library that seems to require it).


My bad. Getting my sims crossed obviously. Perhaps the article will be of some use to someone using a SteamVR app.


It seems to unload them when it doesn’t have focus, so it does seem quite light. In the latest update it also has changed so that when you press the ‘windows’ button on a controller it doesn’t actually load the house up but just the shortcut icon menus, allowing you to change volume, flashlight etc without the house loading up. If you want to actually go to the home then you can click an icon to get there which seems a smarter idea.


I’m having a rough time finding DCS World settings that are smooth enough to prevent that maddening drop to the Steam VR loading screen while in game. This is happening on occasion when radio messages play and at other times when the game gets bogged down a bit. I might not have the sim on an SSD…so I might need to move my install… :thinking:

I’m running 1.6 PD in game and 200% in Steam VR. Do I need to knock one of those back ya think?


Personally I think you will need DCS on an SSD, as judders like that will happen.

@chipwich did some great SteamVR and DCS experiments here:

It looks like just set SteamVR to 100% (as it is ignored visually) and use PD and MSAA alone (or just PD in my case on my weaker card).


Yeah…thanks for the tips. Also going to try some of these suggestions too:


Yep that guide is good and works well on X-Plane, IL-2 etc, but for DCS we’ve been scratching our heads seeing if the SteamVR values make any difference at all (to visual quality, it can certainly tank frames), especially as PD 1.6 seems to be O+ default resolution. Experiments needed! :slight_smile: