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Anyone know if the Virtavia DHC-4 Caribou (originally FS2004/FSX) works in P3D v4? Probably a bit of a reach asking…but I’m looking down the line for my Air Hauler 2 career if I eventually get into something bigger… (I know, I know…Twin Otter!!)…

Push comes to shove…I might eventually find myself in a Short 360…


I don’t think I tested it - but I like flying that in later AH2 career, too. Great plane and fantastic for those very short “will it or won’t it?” strips. Be good to know.

It’s a shame there isn’t a decent S360 or 330 around. I use the PAD ones if push comes to shove, as you say. I bought the Vcol ones, but I find the simulated reflections in the gauges so awful they stopped me flying the Shorts package altogether.


Sorry, no, unfortunately it doesn’t work. The VC won’t load at all and all the doors are missing

Fortunately, the Javelin does work - but isn’t much use in Air Hauler…

Yeah, I just bought P3Dv4 again, after being a bit disappointed with XP-11 scenery and the faffle it is to get anything looking reasonable.


Thanks for taking a look at that Caribou. Yeah, I bought the VirtualCol Shorts package…I can probably suffer through the awful cockpit maybe… I’ll have to load it, import it, and find out how much it would cost to buy it down the road a bit. Also curious how much cargo it will carry…


Surprised that you didn’t save your lunch money a little longer and get the Aerosoft DH-6 Beach.


I was actually wondering if it really doesn’t work. Of course, it’s highly likely it won’t, and my test was definitive, but I do know that I have had issues with Virtavia aircraft that are very similar to this.

I might test it again some time. I have their Sea King, and I’ve lost count of the number of times I have installed that, even in FSX, and found various textures or doors missing and no VC.


It’s on my radar. I have the DH-6 for X-Plane…once I get to that 40% rep level in AH…I’ll start shopping around to see just how much of a loan the bank will be able to give me and decide on where to go from there. On the short list are the Caravan, Kodiak, Twin Otter…maybe even the Mu-2 (shudder). I’d like to keep a fleet that is capable of short landings on unprepared strips. I’m not into flying between international airports…


Wow…useful load of 3,800 lbs. or so (that goes down when you add fuel though…)


Some good news from MilViz…

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you bought the MilViz T-38A Talon add-on from the Just Flight website, we thought we’d let you know that the software has now been updated for compatibility with P3D v4.

If you log in to your Just Flight account and click on ‘Your Orders’, you will be able to re-download the software to get the latest P3D v4 compatible version of the aircraft.


Thank you. This solved my problem.


And indeed, it is released, and works well on P3DV4. I’ve been looking forward to it.

I won’t post too many screenies right now, because there’s likely to be more in the future, LOL!

Just Flight’s C-46, flying around Colombia. It has got some nice stock liveries, too.


I’m sure I already have one - but can’t remember who made it

edit: Yup - found the screenies, but still no idea who made it:


Would it be the one by Lizardo Guzman? I believe he is Colombian. I exchanged a few e-mails with him about it, a while back. It is available on Fly Away Simulations, and isn’t bad. Yeah, I’m a fan of the type, along with other radial engine airliners and utility aircraft! :smiley:


PS: The C-46 is quite legendary here in South America. It even kept a whole, rather isolated city supplied for some 40 years, before they had a reasonable road to it.


Yes it is - from the Read Me:

FS2004/FSX Curtiss C-46 Commando

by Libardo Guzman, Greg Pepper, and Tom Gibson

GMAX Version 1 3/2007

It doesn’t work in VR, so I had it stashed away on a storage drive.


And I’m working on moving my AH2 career to another place (and time) now. Shouldn’t be hard to guess. Working on the migration papers for Angel Flight and selling Twin Otters all over the place… :slight_smile:

Since @chipwich brought the freebie P3D compatible C-47 project to our notice, I have an occasional look-see for updates. Beta version 3.14 is now out, with some good improvements. On this page.

So, yeah, next AH2 fleet will strictly consist of these…

Let’s see if Chiang Kai Shek and Claire Chennault appreciate the effort.


I’ve been inspired so I’ve started messing around with P3Dv4 and Air Hauler 2.: I’m getting a weird issue though where if I let AH2 start P3D, my Trackir doesn’t connect. It will show that it’s tracking in the natural point program, but P3D doesn’t connect. Without AH2 it works fine. Anyone have any ideas?


Nevermind, apparently making sure Trackir runs as administrator fixes the problem.


For me, quite a find that works on P3DV4. Externally well textured, functional and with an old classic feel systems and operationally wise. IMHO, just a tiny bit more attention to some interior textures and a couple of 3D instrument controls would have made this one on a par with many payware add ons (because it happens to be free!). Right up my street, at any rate. :grin:

AT-11 Kansan


Cool - sorry, I was out of town for five days with no internet, otherwise I would have suggested that earlier. I have the same problem with TeamSpeak if I don’t launch it in Admin mode, it won’t recognize button inputs for the push-to-talk…

Glad you got it sorted…!


So when did P3D get rid of the breadcrumb map trail of your aircraft on the map view? I was hoping to show off my awesome VOR-A approach with a procedure turn, but just noticed that there is no longer a trail showing where I’ve flown on the map view (?)…