P3D Shots




Sweet. near_blind in hot from the east wings level!


I’m jonesing for an F-14

P.S. @nicholas.dackard, send us your renders :wine_glass: :wink:


(Also I’m a bit weirded out when P3D starts throwing out weather that is a decent facsimile of the real place)


CASE III, but with layers

and a carrier that doesn’t turn on the lights at night.

furthermore gib Tomcat plz

Tomcat-senpai is much too big for Coral Maru



Nice of them to personalize a plane for me.



As much as I cheerlead for X-Plane…there are some P3D items that keep me coming back…


The new Carenado DA62 is utterly redonkulous. Urban dictionary - “significantly more absurd than ridiculous, to an almost impossible degree.”

At some point. perhaps during the trip to American Samoa, I’ll write up a comparison between this and the Aerobask DA62 for X-Plane. Some significant differences.


Nice looking plane. Had to go on YouTube and check it out.

~$1.08 million price tag.


Check out the Synthetic Vision when they begin rolling on the active.


Was that guy demonstrating slow flight on a single engine at that altitude? I dunno man…confidence in the product is great and all, but I wouldn’t be all that keen to shut an engine down for demo purposes and then get slow like that just because the cloud bases were low. Really cool airplane though and awesome avionics.

EDIT…looking at the video closer…he appears pretty far up on the white line (airspeed) so I think it was more just the pitch to maintain altitude at that point.


Yeah, they are pretty proud of their FADEC managed two switch restart procedure and single-engine performance. In the video that @saghen posted Paul Bertorelli goes through engine shutdown and restart.


Pretty impressive with the bank and pitch feedback during unusual maneuvers. That 1.08M doesn’t include O2 or AC…that might tack on a couple tens of thousand perhaps. Super cool plane though. Dang aviation is expensive…!


I think that they’ve been selling well and the usual price is 1.2 - 1.3. Lot of dough for a piston, but man what an airplane.



What is going on with the clouds in that Me-262 shot?


Not sure what you mean about the clouds nb, but you probably already know that is/was the Collings Foundation’s Me 262 B-1C White 1 reproduction trainer. I think that it was one of their promo images. I’m wondering if the DA62 takes any influences from the Me 262? That nose… that fuselage taper.


Oh, so it is actually reality? I thought it was a sim :laughing: Just another testament to how far sims have come these days.


The light in the foreground was radically different than the background. I’ve seen that happen in photoshop background replacements, and real life, but never in a sim. I was confused :smiley:


Me too… :upside_down_face: