P3D Shots

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There is a really nice freeware Douglas


Everytime I see these it makes me want to go buy P3d and the Aerosoft F14 extended. I have to remind myself that the DCS tomcat is just two more weeks away.

Stay Strong. I’m only flying this to kill time. I’d also throw in the F/A-18 if mine was not completely and utterly broken at the moment.

Yeah, whatever :grinning:



Is that the Milviz F-4?

Yes Sir. Advanced Series Milviz F-4E Phantom II with TacPack.

that thing looks pretty nice

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Looks a bit on the expensive side though… 60 USD… yikes.

It’s the most detailed and accurate F-4 sim that I have encountered and worth the cost. Read the spec sheet and watch some YouTube videos to see if it meets your criteria.

The J79 sounds are out if this world. I need to do a video just in that feature alone. When you advance the throttles and spoil up the engines capable of pushing the airframe to Mach 2.2, there is a deep throaty moan that elicits goose bumps the first few times that you hear it. I also need to get some sort of rumble seat for the full can lighting experience.

It reminds me of one of the times that they let families in the flight line, and dad would go roaring off leading the squadron with a great bone shaking thunder! Pretty impressive to a 15 year old.


I think you just convinced me to get p3d and the F4

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So, you should know that P3D is not a combat sim, and you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get weapons to work. Some of that is mitigated by an add-on, the VRS TacPack. There are some virtual carrier wings whom get pretty serious about recreating NATOPS with the VRS Superbug, but it’s somewhat a niche arrangement as compared to DCS.

So, if you want a fairly in-depth study of the F-4B/E/S/J or the VRS Superbug (excluding A2A weapons), and are understanding that you most likely will be solo (unless you join a virtual carrier wing), P3D works fine. One awesome feature is being able to fly from about any geographical location on the planet. My screenshots above were taken with the default scenery around Da Nang, Vietnam. But, P3D has some quirkiness as well, which you might find frustrating.

The MilViz Phantom has come a long way since launch, and has a nice configuration and upgrade tool. When I first began flying the F-4, the cockpit seemed like a big unorganized mess. But after some time in the well worn MilViz version, it’s beginning to feel like slipping on an old pair of jeans. Very much looking forward to the DCS Phantom.


LOL, I’ve not been the target of their wrath, but have witnessed it a few times. Well said. I’ll try some landings asap.

I’d agree that you’d have to have pretty specific reasons to want to use P3D specifically for a mil-sim experience. Like a really burning love for an airframe like @chipwich has. While I like certain aspects of P3D + TacPack, it does sometimes feel like they pounded that square peg into a round hole. If we didn’t have a sim like DCS to compare it too, it would probably be less easy to feel that way.

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Good news. I used the nifty Estonia Migration Tool (just decided to buy it and give it a crack today) and it appears to have worked whatever magic it does on the old Aerosoft Howe Island scenery installer…

Does it work on Latvia too?

I’ll need to see your papers first.

nu pizdec

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