P3D Shots



Oh…that’s beautiful…! I’m about to drop some change on that Alabeo sale for both FSX and X-Plane in preparation for what I might want to fly as my Air Hauler career(s) progress. Wish I could buy them for once and they would give you both the FSX and X-Plane versions…


Ah cool, looking forward to reading about whatever you pickup for your air hauler adventures.

I also just started using the Alabeo P44 Seminole I picked up in the sale for air hauler 2, it’s a reasonably priced beginner cargo hauler at $236,000 if I recall correctly, which is working out well, I have a lot of cargo and passengers to go before I can upgrade to something big, so that PA31 flight in the screenshot above was free flight outside air hauler…


Here’s a shot I snapped the other day, flying the highly addictive Shrike. Southbound into NZWB (Woodbourne) out of NZWN (Wellington) during late afternoon. The lighting was really quite something.



Nice shot Kludger. Just picked up the Chieftain myself. Looking forward to giving it a run.


Oh yeah…that’s a nice one - moody!


Nice shot @Agent_X20, the Shrike is on my wishlist too.


Vancouver Island BC, PA-44 early morning flight hauling 1,064lbs of Computer Games from Payne Field (KPAE) to Tofino (CYAZ), must be Amazon overnight release day delivery of the latest Call Of Duty…


Very nice.


My wallet is in trouble. Here I come V3.


Here’s another one - this time the Aerosoft Twin Otter over the Southern Alps of New Zealand:


Looks toothy down there in them clouds…


@Agent_X20 Are you using any weather mods?


I’m pretty sure that was AS16 & ASCA on that one.


Took my new Chieftain up tonight. Flies well with a little weight to it.


Those are nice shots. You using Ventura Sky?


This is P3D so no, no Ventura Sky. This is all AS16/ASCA with some help from REX Texture Direct.


30% off on the Aerosoft A318/19/20/21 bundle ($33.60) was too good to pass up. I skipped the Aerosoft Airbus X series…so it was nice to see something that made up for that. The A318 is one of my favorite aircraft…such an adorable little bus…


I think that I’m finally at a happy place with P3D.


Nice shots, I think I recognize an upside down KBVS :thumbsup:


You flying your Air Hauler 2 in P3D or FSX? I’ve pretty much committed to P3D at this point. I’ll keep my FSX:SE on my drive for some required work…but otherwise I think I’m gonna focus on P3D and XP(11!)…