P3D Shots



Yeah, I’m committed to P3D at this point. When the Orbx scenery was updated to work with P3Dv3, which is a much friendlier direction than a lot of developers have chosen, I really didn’t have a good reason to hang around. And most of my add-on FSX aircraft were beginning to look long in the tooth. The sim has been around a long time. I’ve been trying out FSXWX for real-time weather, and not bad for a freebie.


Some screens with FSXWX weather engine and REX Soft Clouds ($10).


Just a short test flight around my new OryxSim Kelowna X scenery with the Carenado C-185F…


FSX weather download is showing me 8°C METAR 9°C :sweat_smile:


Figure I’ll finally dump these shots here. These were originally intended for the Airhauler 2 thread but I just ran out of time. So here they are:

Love the lighting.

Heading into the goo.

Thankfully not very tall. Climbed up for an undercast below.

ILS into Monterrey.


Listening to John Comer’s Combat Crew renewed my interest in getting the A2A Fort installed and updated in P3Dv3. Was about to give up, but found a thread recommending copying your P3D exe and renaming it to fsx.exe. Worked beautifully. I really love flying this thing due Accu-Sim add-on. You’d better know how to manage boost, mixture, prop, cowl flaps, and supercharger x 4 or you won’t last long. The flight model, sounds, and atmosphere are simply amazing.

I also found a worn pit for it, but as cozy as it is, not sure if I prefer it over the original.


I have to say, A2A and accusim is such a huge draw to flying in a flight sim. I don’t understand why others dont do it. Have an engine that actually degrades with use, behaves differently in extreme weathers… purely nothing but awesome.


I’ve got a new man toy and it’s bare to the bone. At least if you get it much under VREF on final, you and your entourage will be shooting pool with Ronnie Van Zant. :smile: And it’s so old school, it’s got an 8 track tape deck in the pedestal. But she flies high and fast, if not long. Mini review at AvSim.


Nice…! That’s a rocketship for sure!


OK, I really like flying this Lear. The ground handling and flight model both feel superb, and because I’ve retrofitted the panel with the GTN750, I’ve got just the right balance of traditional and current navigation ability. The autopilot lacks throttle control, so you can’t just set it and forget it. Some folks noted the lack of EPR being their major gripe, and while I can see their point, everything else is so good, that it’s not enough to keep me from recommending this aircraft.

However, there is one very big gotcha. That is that the VC doesn’t seem to get along well with my Rift. I’m still trying to get verification, but this will definitely be a show stopper for some. Hope that XP can resolve this.


The only Lear I have is the Lionheart one - but I haven’t messed with it much…so not sure how it is in VR…



I finally sat down to learn the new A2A Connie. Just to add to the challenge my inaugural flight was through a very large area of severe turbulence warnings that was both challenging to fly (80+ knot crosswinds!) and set the passengers groaning. Landed ok too. It has to be said - A2A do incredible work.


OMG, it IS a beauty… Congratz!


WoW! good job guys.


Three more Connie shots, because it’s so good. (And using older Nvidia drivers has solved my chronic OOM problems).


Earning that money…!


Are you using a shader? The contrast on the clouds is very nice. Not all washed out.

I tried SweetFX last night, but it caused a load error, so I deleted it.


Great choice for an AH hauler :slight_smile:


I’m just using the HDR and bloom that come with P3D v3 along with Active Sky Next and ORBX Norway. I don’t have any shaders, but I do add some vignette while cropping the images.

I was eyeing buying ENVTEX (it is on sale), but can’t seem to find any information about whether it works well with Active Sky Next. It does say it works fine with Active Sky 2016, but I still have my old Active Sky Next install working fine… Maybe I’ll shoot the developers a message and ask if it works with ASN…


I just started a new AH2 career. The default choice for the “Career” mode is an A-36 Bonanza, but I wanted to free up some money, and I’ve always loved the default FSX Maule, so I doctored up one of the paint jobs (very roughly), sold the Bonanza, and am now air hauling in the Maule…until I can afford to upgrade. I’ll post up a new series of mission reports on my AH2 career later today…