Personalised Textures - Data Collection Edition

Well, hello fellow mudders- ehrm… spikers? Mudspikers? Anyway-

As for the other “Personalised Textures” thread I’ll be providing new exciting way to lose your Situational Awareness while simming! :smiley:

What I need from each one of you (or at least those interested in this…) is something like this- to start at least.

1- A sequence composed of chosen name “CALLSIGN” chosen last name
it will end up around the canopy frame- where I find space, depending on the sim/airframe

2- A reference for a nose art item (it can be a link to an image, or a simple description)
a preferred placing

3- A favourite type of Paintscheme
default if nothing
4- A Flight sim + Airframe of choice
well, you know…

1- Ben “Komemiute” Master
2- a Dagger with a dagger between its teeth
3- Simple default grayscale paintjob
4- DCS, F15C

Keep the post answering this as simple as possible- I’ll be contacting each one for clarification, if I need them.

Order of Battle:

  1. Sryan - F15C for DCS - Completed!
  2. Fridge - Mirage2000 for DCS - Completed!
  3. Navynuke99 - Mirage2000 for DCS - Completed!
  4. FearlessFrog - Huey for DCS - Completed!
  5. Toppometer - Mirage2000 for DCS - Completed!
  6. Freak - Mirage2000 for DCS - Completed!
  7. BeachAV8R - Ka50 for DCS - Completed!
  8. AeroMechanical - F15C for DCS - Completed!
  9. Chipwich - F15C for DCS - Completed!
  10. Fdunne - Mirage2000 for DCS - Completed!
  11. The Almighty Snark - Huey for DCS - Completed!
  12. Tyco - Viggen for DCS - In Progress 25%
  13. Bogusheadbox - F18 for DCS - Logged (awaiting for F18 template)

Cool stuff @komemiute! Can I make a request?

For the DCS F-15 I would love if you could make a livery for me based on the 32th TFS? It’s the tactical fighter squadron based in Camp New Amsterdam (Section of Luchtmachtbasis Soesterberg) from '54 to '94, flying eagle variants since '78.

  1. I’d like either [rank] Sryan or [rank] Bryan B.

2a: For the nose I’d like either


Bonus points if you can get my name like that with the eagle! :smiley: There’s many images of symbols for 32TFS online and I’d be happy with any really. Whatever is the easiest for you to work with.

2b: Tail

Is it okay to ask you to modify the tail as well?

Large tailcode: CR

C stands for Camp new Amsterdam (Should have been S for Soesterberg but C was chosen to deconflict with Stewart ANGB)
R means it’s the first USAFE squadron stationed at this base.

Small code: AF91 022

3: Default grayscale. If possible it would be cool if you could make the tail like this 32TFS Delta Dagger, but it is not necesary.

4: DCS, F-15C

Hope I am not asking to much :wink: Thanks!

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1- David “Fridge” Penney;
2- Maple Leaf - stylized;
3- Simple-ish Grey Paint with ‘Distraction Canopy’ on the bottom - pictures below;
4- DCS, F-18C - if that is an issue, let me know - just put me last :slight_smile:;

It’s not an issue- you just can’t “use it” until the Hornet is released- my idea was to make each one of us a personalised skin for the fly-in’s.

Still a request is a request, so… :wink:

Good point.

It is hard to select an airframe for flyin’s … there being so many! F-15C seems the obvious common choice but can I switch to a Mirage 2000C instead of the F-18?

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Sorry for the belated answer. I was on the road back home.

Yeah sure! :slight_smile: Why not. Plus I think a Canadian Mirage would look insanely cool.

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  1. Ted “NavyNuke99” Spencer

  2. I know we’d previously talked about the Bunny Fighter skin, but I’ve been finding myself mostly flying the Mirage 2000 the last few months, so I’d like to request one of those, s’il vous plâit.

  3. The nose/ fuselage art is taken from the SPAD 7.C1 of Eugene Bullard. Text en Français, if possible.

  1. Since Escadrille 2/30, which took on the traditions of SPA 93, is still an active French squadron, their markings in a modern ADA camouflage scheme would work well. (and yes, I know they’re flying Rafales now, but this is my fantasy plane :wink: ) However, if possible, could you make the vertical stabilizer all red?

Thanks @komemiute


Love it!

Ok, here goes:

1- fearlessfrog
2- Any sort of angry looking frog.
3- Green. Very very green.
4- DCS, Huey



OK here goes.

In keeping with that French proclivity for chic I would like to request:

1 - [Some french rank abbreviation] Toppo
2 - Subtle fox mascot à la:

Placed on the inspection panel forward of the identification number:

3 - Default EC 2/5 paint scheme (The one for the M2K in DCS is already really nice)

4 - DCS, Mirage 2000C.

Thanks again @komemiute for offering to do these. I can’t wait to see how they come out!


Wonderful choice @Toppometer !

TL;WS:* Post is long and image-heavy because I can’t choose a paintscheme: fear not, I love the default EC 2/5.

  • Too Long, won’t skin

1 - Sgt “Freak” Bigfoot

2 - A footprint

3 -


Love the default paintscheme and love France, so default EC 2/5 would be great!

But I am also playing with some other ideas and will leave the choice to you. I thought about a Dutch air force (Koninklijke Luchtmacht, abbreviated to KLu) skin.


Perhaps like the standard gray F-16:


Or the old KLu F-104:

If you decide to do a Dutch texture, please use the 322 Squadron markings as my grandfather was an intelligence officer in that squadron.


Or perhaps a French skin with Polly, the 322 squadron mascotte, on the tail? I am sure my grandfather won’t turn around in his grave, as he became a French citizen later in his life.

4 - DCS, Mirage 2000C


I must admit, you guys are men of wealth and taste. :wink:
I’m going to love doing these!
@Freak: are you sure you leave me the choice? I love all the stuff you put up there and I have half an idea already. In any case- once I done everything I can always do another one.


Pleased to meet you.


Hope you guess my name.


But what’s puzzling you…

@komemiute Thanks for the compliment! I am just supplying you with ideas and information, since I’m sure a texturer like you is better at processing this flow of information and condensing it into a texture.

Now that I think about it, I would love to have Polly on the tail (or somewhere else if that fits better into your plan).

So if you have a foot(print) and a grey parrot with a red tail on the plane, it’s good!
The rest is up to you!

EDIT: Hey, I finally got an idea for an avatar :slight_smile:
EDIT2: parrot colours


Question for everyone partaking:

Would there be interest in bundling these together into an unofficial Mudspike skin pack once @komemiute finishes them? I have zero issues throwing them onto my server so people can have their personalized, pimped out ride for the next fly in whenever that happens.


Boy that would really be nice!

Alrighty…had a hard think on it… :thinking:

  1. Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth

  2. Well, we have to go with the company logo…

  3. So is this one of our favorite already available paint schemes…or a whole new one created by you?

If it the former - I’d love to see something along the lines of what Codacom created and uploaded to the DCS User Files area. If you want me to contact him to see if you could modify it, I can certainly do that. I love that shark graphic on the nose…! Not sure exactly where the Mudspike logo would fit… And one modification I might like to make it would be to replace the red Russian star with a subdued black or grey United States flag (sacrilege I know!)

  1. Obviously the Ka-50 :smiley:

Sorry if my request is high maintenance…! LOL…


@BeachAV8R yeah… you high maintenance, special snowflake… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Still, you got it sir.

Ah in regard to #3- let’s say that if we start from an available design it’s simply faster for me.
I can always adjust it later.

The way you chose, for example, it’s perfect.

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