Introductions Thread

Kinda like @staff f111 spamdrool ?

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None of you scrubs will get ahold of my mug! How dare any of you suggest such I’ll fated plans?!?

I’d like to propose that we clean up the minor derailment in this thread and get it back to the top. I think its a great idea for new members and even old ones to have a place to say hi and introduce themselves.

All in favor?


*Komemiute lifts majestically his right hand *

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Hello folks,

New here but not new to sims or other games.

I plan on enjoying good chats on sims and other games with you gents and gals.

Was encouraged to join here many times in past to freely chat about all that is sim 'g.

So here I am will spend time looking around and join chats.

Cheers :wink:


G’day and welcome Razzor

Thanks for welcome, nice F-111 pic this might be me from know on Razzor F-111 :wink:


Hey! Welcome here!

What’s your favourite game as of late? :slight_smile:

Well look, I have been around since the beginning of the video game era in the 1980’s so to speak and enjoy all sorts of games but of late mainly flight sims in my mature years now LoL

I have come to love flight sims allot more although where are they, sadly to say its a mess isn’t it?

I have a dream sim in mind but just take what I can get nowadays.

I have been playing for the fun of it RYGAR online here:-

Also ED-DCS trying out mods mainly and my beloved FSX with mods will be getting XPlane11 soon.

I have heaps of games stored away old and new always looking for something to hit the mark, but in recent years seems allot of developers for games just make short cuts and don’t really listen to the gamers, well then again since when have we ever been heard, right, sad but true.

Was thinking to dip into Space sims but I have heard the complaints and can’t be bothered to further commit to half development or incomplete and buggy releases so wont go there for a while longer I think

What about yourself…

Ehhh, being myself a kid from 1978 I can tell you that I largely play the way you do! :smiley:

I will always love and remember fondly about Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat, F-15 II, Gunship 2000, and on and on… :blush:
I love DCS, retro gaming and a lot of games in my Steam and GOG.COM libraries that beg to be played! :smile:

Space games are really fun (Kerbal above all!), sadly I have two kids and gaming time is limited so I have to make do with whatever I can. An easier to get into and play now and then is Elite Dangerous but it’s not really everyone’s cup of tea.
Mainly is asks you to “believe” being a space pilot without being a hero like Luke Skywalker- more like a donw-on.his-luck Malcolm Reynolds! :wink:

That said, I offer everyone a personalized skin for DCS- so if you have a favourite ride and like what I do*
please don’t worry and ask away!

*(check here Personalised Textures - Data Collection Edition, here’s the results Personalized Textures - The Outcome and here the downloadable package Personalized Skins - Mudspike for everyone! )

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Thanks will get around to check links out and possibly for nice skin! :wink:

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Welcome aboard Razzor! I’m another old-timer. I have been playing flight sims since the early 80’s. While there is no perfect sim out there right now, I think it is still a very exciting time to be in the hobby. The biggest game changer right now is VR and it really does change everything IMHO, and it will only get better.

I mainly play DCS offline (my rural internet connection doesn’t really allow me to fly online reliably), and also X-Plane 11 and AeroFly FS2.

I hope you enjoy hanging out here. I think you will find us a good bunch and the conversations are always interesting…

Hello everyone! I’ve been a DCS player for maybe 4 or 5 years now, patiently looking forward to their F-18C. I’m looking forward to mingling with a broader flight sim community.

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Hi everybody

I felt like I need to introduce myself, now that I posted for the first time. 39, male, married with kid, working in software industry. German - just to manage your expectancy towards my humor.

My fascination for flight simulators goes back to the days of Red Baron (the 2D pew pew one), FS 3 i think, Strike Commander/Pacific Strike, etc. However, nowadays I mostly just read this forum and buy all the things… :slight_smile:
Flying itself usually ends up being a short disaster as I do not do it frequently enough. Anyway I am having fun so goal achieved!

My latest addition to the gear is a O+ VR headset and I really dig VTOL VR - seems like a perfect mix of simple usage and immersion for me. I’d fly it more often if World of Warships would not eat up most of my game-time. But I can stop anytime! Really! Oh well, first world problems. :joystick:

This forum is so full of good, funny and informative things, so here’s a big THANK YOU to all the contributors, however big or small the contribution might be. Sometimes a smile is all it needs to save a day. You’re a great bunch of people.

Well, here’s to 2019 and a great time in this hobby of ours. Cheers!


Hi all, im from Finland. 37 years , 2 kids 2,5 and 4 years old. Wife , house. Worked as nurse , now new job as project worker (trying to get young people to work )

Flight sim’s since 1988 (falcon AT ?) , lots of sim’s in 90s and early 2000. Then less until BMS , then bit break some years until backt to sim’s because Oculus rift made flying fell fresh.

Dcs since lomac but always hated bit sterile feel of it. VR was blast and now only dcs and IL-2 , cant go backt to 2D. Immersion is what counts and reason to do things so waiting to get somekind game or campaing system to dcs :slight_smile:

Its awesome sim even now anyway.


Welcome you guys. Your simming story matches up 1:1 to mine @haukka81. @poneybirds do I know the lure of war free to play. I played years of tanks and boats. Spent far too much on it too. Only lately am I weaning myself off it. Still go the occasional round or five tho.


Welcome guys!

How did you get hold of it? It hasn’t be launched in Europe yet, right?

Neither are they selling it, nor would I be able to get cheap and quick service if it breaks.

I imported it for a lot of money, boldly taking the risk.

I can recommend for importing. I can not recommend the total cost of ownership, especially with Lenovo and Medion HMD‘s being availabe for 200€. That‘s just too good of an offer.

But hey, if you never try it, you never know :wink:

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Lenevo etc only if you have avarage IPD

I got my Odyssey (no plus) from ebay, about 360e shipped and taxes etc to Finland.

I have IPD measured by optic , 68 but odyssey set to 70, feels best.