Picking plane mods for multiplayer in DCS (answered thnx )

Hi all. This will probably sound like a stupid question to most of you but…

I’m trying to join multiplayer for the first time and I’ve only really practiced alot with the F22 grinelli mod. plus I dont really Have my binds right for others yet either.

SO… how do i choose which plane to use. Im assuming you just click on the type in the server description?
But I never see the F22. how do I choose and fly the F22 in multiplayer?

also when I went to the multiplayer lobby my srs says " srs not connected, connect to a server and join a game" Is that right or am I doing something wrong?

In what flight sim?

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oh crap… in DCS

I not much experienced on dcs in mp mode (sorry), but here exist many that do it weekly, so soon someone will help you for sure :slight_smile:

Ok thank you

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The ALL CAPS is driving me NUTS! :smiley: No need to yell around here. :wink:


Im not yelling I only use them in title to bring attention

The server needs to have the F-22 loaded (or any mod for that matter) as an option for you to fly.

SRS will auto connect when you join a server that utilizes SRS and the auto connect feature on your end must be ticked in the options menu.


thats kind of what i thought. So to pick a plane I just click on it in description?

ok It is

How do I tab out of the game without completely exiting? so I can change stuff like that or connect to a server that dosent

To pick an airplane, you simply scroll through the list, find the type and airport you want. Then click on the box to the far right. If it has a name in it, it’s taken.

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oh ok

Alt-Tab usually works to minimize DCS.

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ok thank you very much

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what???I didnt use any caps

Using CAPS:


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@RODEO5150 If you want to fly online and go through any DCS-isms, let me know. Discord is a popular program for voice.