Pimax 5k and 8k

I have used my new toy sometime for dcs now.

I have pimax 5k+

And it really blows my odyssey (not plus) and my rift cv1 out.

RGB panels vs pentile, everything is sharp and easy to see. Sweepspot is way better than odyssey.

Black levels are ok, after bit tuning with contrast and brightness settings in new beta pitool.

Weird thing; DCS beta is super smooht even wiht 30fps, if my odyssey or rift get below 40 is much more worse.

What ever magic pimax latest beta drivers do , it works in dcs like dream.

I use normal FOV, its awesome to see sam launch etc in your side. Odyssey and rift feel like binoculars now :smiley:

And finally so easy to read gauges without zoom.

Happy PImax 5k+ user here in Finland.

Lastnight flyed 2hours , comfort is good as rift. And no eye problems , i have ipd 68.

This headset is finally spot on , large enouh fov , so no need to turn head so much, easy to check six. No bad god rays, way better optics than odyssey and rift.

My wife and my brother also agree, and its easy to swap headsets and see the diffrence.

Finally VR helmet that is good enough in resoluiton and fov that i dont even think that i miss some things in monitor.

My dreams are true. Was dreaming VR helmet for flighsim since VHX etc… back in early 90’s

My pimax is P2 series ,so no early units problems in this one. I got this about 4 weeks ago. order took about 7 days from paying to delivery. Fast.

I got vive lighthouse from local finnish shop. And second is coming from ebay. and now knuckles incoming so i can finally put my rift and odyssey to recycle bin :slight_smile:


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