PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

I’m 6 months clean from CSGO now, but I keep getting pinged about this again and again, and keep hearing good things. It’s like DayZ but with an actual working game and active development:

40 players start on a 8km by 8km island randomly filled with guns, equipment and vehicles. The game play area gets smaller and smaller over time. Last man standing wins.

It is early access though, so fair warning.

Steam Community :: PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is handy to see how it plays.

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It’s a take on the KIng of the Hill game mode that’s gotten popular. In this particular case, “Player Unknown” created the Battle Royal gamemode for Arma 3 that was/is popular. One of the two people I can be bothered to watch stream plays, it, enjoys it.

I’m not sure what my thoughts are.

I’d be shot in my parachute. Looks cool. What is the premise of the area getting smaller and smaller? Is the island sinking?

On the upsides:

  • 2 million playerbase, so never a wait for a game.
  • There’s a squad mode that looks fun.
  • Active developer changing things, so it’s a true early access and not a DayZ ‘I’m bored now’.

The downsides:

  • Simplistic player reporting = future hackathon, as people like to win and this is getting popular, so seems inevitable.
  • Map learning, as even though the drops are random, knowing good spawn points initially is important - and I don’t know if I can be bothered to learn that stuff compared to day 1 players already.
  • That 3rd person view for looking around corners seems kinda crappy.

I’m not really knowledgeable about it though - it might be good on sale if it is still doing well in a few months.

Radiation and stuff, not sure :radioactive: :slight_smile:

It’s a nice game mechanic, or rather it hurries the pace of the game up when compared to DayZ, as the only real need to congregate was just loot. This gives Battlegrounds (Battle Royale in H1Z and A3) a nice pace.

Giant blue sparky dome of death. From a game play perspective it’s about ramping up intensity of experience as the player count decreases. It’s pulls double feature to make sure each game ends in a consistent period of time with consistent tension.

I was hoping for mutant, zombie sheepdogs herding everyone toward the center of the map…


nsfw: language

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Its the hunger games guys, that’s all.

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Technically it’d be Battle Royal

Stop appropriating glorious nippon culture and check your anglo privilege, gaijin-sama.


Looks interesting! Thanks for the heads up. Unreal Engine 4 huh? It kinda looked like the ArmA 3 engine to me.

if enough of us wanted to play it, I’d get it since I have a discount on it right now.

But it’s the kinda thing I’d only be interested in with a group.

I’m actually trying to limit my infantry type gamesims and get back into civilian/combat flight sims but these Mudspike people keep throwing me a bone! :grin:

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Yep, it’s $21 on - I got mailed a voucher of 30% off ‘T3NGEY-AKH5IF-5ZWEWP’ if anyone wants it (no idea if it’s unique or not).

It is unique I think, but I don’t think it’s locked to your account. Kinda just a 1-use type code, unless I’m mistaken.

Is that $21 the30% off price? I would assume so. My discount was only 20% :frowning:

Yep, I think so, in that I put it in the cart and applied that voucher and it went to $21. Anyone is happy to use it, but I guess first come first serve etc. :slight_smile:

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Darn you @fearlessfrog … at this point I give Battlegrounds two thumbs up. :+1::+1:

Great shooting dynamics … iron/scope sights, adjustable elevation, semi-auto/full auto, leaning etc etc. Great selection of weapons and attachments too! Great looting and inventory system and on and on. Too bad there’s only one map so far but it’s really big.

Really fun diversion, plus they have “Duo” and “Squad” modes. If anyone wants to hit me up for some coop, I’m in … Steam name “LlNEBACKER”. (the I is a lower case L)

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I just spent much of the weekend playing this with my nephew at his house. It’s fun. Kinda like a DayZ weekend binge compressed into 30 minutes but without the zombies. Watching my nephew play was eye-opening. I. Am. Slow.

I am buying it because I promised him I would so that we could pair up on the buddy servers. Otherwise not really my thing.

Here’s me trying to mix it up with the top 10 (of 100) in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds … pretty embarrassing because of my terrible shooting and nervous fumbling with controls (pretty easy to do with these “one life” games) …

One thing I should mention … you HAVE to have a good “3D” directional sound system to survive on this battlefield since you’re always hearing scavengers and vehicles nearby.

Anyway, I got nervous because that first guy rushed me and I ended up fumbling around behind my meager (although pretty awesome) rock trying to get my much needed 5.56 ammo.

About the shooting … this game has been the most intense shooting discipline centric shooter I’ve EVER played. You have to be meticulous about which weapon you use and how you use it, not to mention the many different scopes (with elevation adjustment) and attachments. Fun as hell!

Seems like a sniper got me in the end … after fumbling with my controls I thought I had his sector covered with that Jeep but I think I moved out a bit too far.

This game is way better playing the Duo or Squad modes so if anyone ever needs a wingman, just message me.

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Top 10 Grats!

I’ll duo or squad up with you sometime.