Prepar3D v5

Rumor has it releasing next week…


Let’s the fight of civi flight sims begin :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up. I am curious about add-on compatibility and VR performance in particular.

I am looking forward to the independent reviews :smiley:

EDIT: Rob Ainscough’s video added - and I do like what I see

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Those are my two reference points as well. Add-on compatibility is primary for me. I can’t chase add-ons much more without it feeling like a waste of money.

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I think we’ve all surpassed that point many years ago!!

I’ve never tried P3D. Having just recently dumped a couple hundred into xplane, I think I’ll be watching this from the bleachers. Either way seems like the sim market is continuing to gain some traction. FS2020, Microprose coming back, XP getting big updates, all good things for us.


This list is supposedly going to be updated as developers determine compatibility… For me personally, I’d say Aerosoft and ORBX are the two I’m most interested in.

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Ouch. Yeah I try not to think about all the coin I’ve spent on those things. VR kinda stopped that for me oddly enough; I’m a one-trick pony now.

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I’ll wait a while before jumping in. Hopefully PMDG doesn’t try to gouge us again.

I can just picture my CPU temps using this. Hopefully this was addressed.

I am undecided as well. I am a loyal customer of the FSX / P3D platform for about 14 years now :open_mouth: and this is the first time I am considering not jumping in.

Also because there is this other MS product lurking around the corner.

Don’t get me wrong - the v5 atmospheric effects & lighting looks cool but I will most likely wait a while and see…

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If I am not wrong we saw these atmosferic effects already in Flight Sim World.

BTW is this v5 payed upgrade like v3->v4 or is it just standard update like v4.3->v4.4?

That was exactly why I bought the FSW :+1:

Unfortunately it did not survive long enough to see the trueSky develop into something useful in the sim :sleepy:

I am curious to see how well it blends with the P3Dv5 architecture (so far no life weather or clouds shadows; will HiFi weather engine adapt to use trueSky as render engine…?).

As for the pricing, I am expecting the same philosophy - Academic license 60 gold and Professional 200 gold.

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Yup, that cloud tech was in FSW, still looks inferior to the one from FS2020 to be honest.


This will be a full price purchase again I guess, same as it was when we went from v3 to v4, don’t particularly mind that, its the add-on concern I’m going to be looking at before pulling the trigger for this, have quite a few add-ons for v4.5 to say the least, all well tweaked too … having said that am in the mood for something new with the boredom of self isolation , DCS Super carrier is released about same time, that’s paid for … I’ll see on release day and what the asking price is and perhaps know more about my third party add-on compatibility too.

Oh, regarding FSW, still have it installed, noticed a 6GB or so download for it this morning from Steam, no idea what it consists of? considering development stopped a while ago. I’ll fire it up for a look tomorrow.

They stripped FSW off of the TrueSKY so they could implement it in P3Dv5 :slight_smile:

just joking, isn’t there any ‘change log’ for FSW?

So Far, nobody’s talking much for Prepar 3D V5, the much sought after slopped runways seem to be few and far between.

Its a whole new purchase full price Lockheed Martin upgrade again and I have yet to see one decent improvement from 4.5 from current set up … Some are saying DX12 is added, we all know DX12 is not a graphical improvement as much as a more better CPU core usage … never had a problem there though.

Perhaps I’m being cynical, but I just see P3D V5 as one last LM grasp at the straw for money in that division before MS2020 crushes them.


Had the same thought. If MSFT would weaponize FS2020 they’d crush ED too. Not that I wish ill on ED but just imagine the possibilities (simply flying Hornets from El Centro (or whereever) out of El Centro) – assuming the API allows creativity outside vehicle creation that is. And their net code was as good == big deal.

Oh, and MSFT doesn’t get greedy? :expressionless:


I mean I don’t think its really fair to say that about FS2020 when FSX had the chance for 15 years and didn’t do it. I’m sure tacpac will make an appearance or something like it. FS2020 is getting tons of hype right now, I hope it meets the expectations.

Also I think P3dv5 isn’t getting a lot of attention because it really isn’t all that impressive. The videos I’ve seen show some decent looking clouds, but the terrain and autogen look pretty dated.

I’m curious to see what FS2020 has behind the curtain of all these NDA’s and super hush closed trials. For our sake, I hope its the real deal. Love to see flight sims go to the next level.


Gunny, but with FS2020 on horizon and with my and presumably everyone elses P3dv 4.5 tweaked to perfection, who is looking to leap to P3Dv5 just now? … I’m certainly not, so many add ons and so much tweaking, why start this all over again, checking for upgrades for add ons when I could have been just flying , and with FS2020 around the corner too.

Hate to say this, but P3Dv5 so far and from all I’ve seen and heard so far … Its not for me.

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Actually and back in the day with FSX Acceleration, They did produce a half decent Hornet package … OK not DCS high Hornet fidelity, but you could still have fun … check it out, it actually does take a fair bit of flying skill to land on the carrier here in low vis conditions.

It certainly thought me careful throttle and air brake control.

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