Project CARS 2 85% Off On STEAM

On sale until 7/9/20

$59.99 $8.99

THE ULTIMATE DRIVER JOURNEY! Project CARS 2 delivers the soul of motor racing in the world’s most beautiful, authentic, and technically-advanced racing game.

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you know there is a whole thread for this right? Game Deals & Book thread

Sorry if comes off the wrong way, trying to be informative because the thread can get buried from time to time so some legitimately might not be aware


Does the deluxe edition contain all the DLCs?
(I’d like to have the Japanese cars and the fun pack).
I am trying to find out but the Steam page isn’t very helpful.

If yes I’ll buy that one because the main game + those two DLCs is 16€ and the deluxe version is 13.50€

Still not sure if it is the right decision to get this one instead of Assetto Corsa, but the graphics and car variety won me over. I played the demo today and was relatively happy about how the cars handled and the weather as well.

Assetto corsa is by far the better game. However, if you don’t have a steering I would definitely recommend PC2.

I really like both though.

Gah… now I see Assetto Corsa with all DLCs is 10€ as well…
Sad that there isn’t a demo, I’d like to try before I buy.

Not to split hairs here, but unless things have changed a lot since I last played AC, AC is probably the more accurate sim, pCars 2 the better game :stuck_out_tongue: a bit like the argument between DCS vs IL-2 GB yeah?

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Why can’t you just tell me which one to buy!? :smiley: #firstworldproblems

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Do you want mods or not? I’m trying to make it easier to decide :smiley:

If they are good quality, then yes. I looked at some modded tracks people love and they all look quite mediocre.

What I would like to have:

  • drive around a wide variety of cars, (ideally including “normal” cars) from different times. I looked through some videos that showed all the cars included in AC and PC2 and the AC video consited of a lot of very similar cars. I mean, how many Abarth Fiats could I want?
  • street tracks. Maybe even open world, to just drive around.
  • good graphics including weather and stuff
  • VR
  • beatable AI
  • believable car physics. I know it is hard because I come from Dirt Rally 2 which is pretty good in most things.

I’d say you already know which one you want.

I do? Because it seems I don’t.
In fact I am putting Assetto Corsa into my shopping cart right now. Can’t do a lot wrong for 10 bucks.

Example: car variety. Maybe mods bring more different cars to AC? That would make up for that disadvantage.

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On that you’re asking the wrong person, I’m personally not a fan of having to mod games, so I don’t have a clue of what AC has in that regard

Not splitting hairs as I agree AC is the better sim. Its also a better GAME. The road cars are better and the tracks are far superior representations of the real world. The nurburgring is frankly the best version I have seen in any game, ever. That makes the game play far better for me. I find PC a bit to arcadey and unrealistic near the edge of grip. Bit to easy to recover from mistakes.

@Aginor if you have a wheel (I don’t) get AC and you will have a blast. If you want to sit on the sofa with a gamepad, get PC

It doesn’t really matter which one you go with, they’re both going to be on super sale again in the near future anyway :smiley:

Yeah I will go for AC now and compare it to the PC2 demo and then see. Might end up buying both.

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My experience has been PC2 is better with a wheel, I had all sorts of problems with a controller. Some cars where undrivable, this was on Xbox but still maybe relevant

LOL!!! But here is my take, PCars2 is good for a career mode, AC is a good Hot lapper and ACC is probably the best out of the 3 but is dedicated to one area so to speak.


Well, my 2¢ on the subject.

Assetto Corsa (original) simulates a car very well, much like DCS does an aircraft. Project Cars 2 simulates being a racing driver well, much like BMS does a fighter pilot. There’s VR support for both.

Assetto Corsa’s physics are better than PC2, and probably better than anything outside of rFactor 2 and co. But, the baseline content is somewhat lacking, though mods can make up for it. That said, mod quality can definitely vary, and some still charge for mods. So even if there is a mod for what you’re looking for, there’s no guarantee it will be any good, especially for the more obscure content. The race weekends leave a lot to be desired. Weather and day/night cycles do not exist in AC. There’s supposedly a mod for that, but I think it’s a bit involved to set up. It’s a bit like KSP in there’s almost always “a mod for that.”

Project Cars 2’s physics are perhaps a step down, but they’re still believable enough. Baseline content is more expansive and varied, but the lack of mod support locks you in to that content. Everything else is a step above though. Race weekends and championships are well done, and the weather system is fantastic, probably the best out there. Water actually pools in the right spots in the track, rather than just reducing grip evenly across the surface. Doing a full, multi-class race with day/night transitions at Le Mans is apparently magical (haven’t tried it myself yet).

Automobilista 2 is based on the same engine as PC2, and while the content is a bit reduced, quality is apparently up a bit. Only just released though, so no big sales yet. Assetto Corsa Competizione is also good, but restricts you to GT3s only.

Overall, with the deep discounts on both AC and PC2, you really can’t go wrong with either. To be honest it’s worth picking up both, as each have aspects that you’re missing in the other.


Great summation. I’d just like to add this - ALWAYS get the DELUXE version of PC2 and/or the ULTIMATE version of AC. Both give you ALL DLC for dirt cheap during these sales.


Where the heck do y’all go for AC mods, racedept has stuff, but it’s all basically the same stuff that has been shuffled around and updated from r factor. How many f’n f1 cars and mods do you really need.

The other sites I found seemed like they where going to give my PC herpes

If I was getting mods i went to the AC forums to get them, I havent modded AC in years though.

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