Project Cars 2

Enjoying PC2 enough that it deserves its own thread instead of me polluting the Games Deal thread…

Managed a second place finish in my first race. I think the AI is balanced to be competitive and approachable (perhaps as you improve?). This was a point to point race, so I don’t know why it says 10 laps.

On the starting grid…I’m the last car in a field of sixteen. I found that it isn’t really worth trying to gobble up positions in the first few turns (or even the first dozen) because it is a bit of a cluster of braking and bumping.

After a few minutes, the field spreads out a bit and you can start to work your way forward…

After the first third of the race you leave the town area and end up screaming along seaside cliffs and tunnels…

The last five cars were much more challenging to pass…

As I approached the 92% completion point, I was in second place, gaining on first, but I couldn’t quite reach an overtaking position…

Only a few car lengths separated us at the finish though!



Not on that race, no. Sort of reveling in the full screen glory at the moment!

But have you tried P2 in VR?

Yes…and it’s glorious! I’ll try to capture some VR footage tonight!

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Just dorking around in some other cars…


One interesting thing - my fingers are getting strained from using the X-Box controller even though I’ve only been playing for a few hours. I only occasionally use my X-Box controller to play some Steam games with my son like soccer or 2D racers, and usually only short sessions. Having to use the triggers with so much modulating is a bit of a finger strain at the moment…LOL…

How do you race while taking pictures from in front of your car you magician?

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Ha…the replay function is awesome, with lots of controls, camera angles…etc…

It takes a village to be a BeachAV8R :slight_smile:


Here you go. Quick and dirty lap in a car I don’t know much about, on a track I know nothing about…so don’t shame me about how poor my driving was. Using auto-shift but no other aids. I used Oculus Mirror and OBS to record it with a 60FPS setting. There is absolutely no judder or lag or anything in VR…but there must be something going on between OBS and Mirror that doesn’t quite show the performance in game. Might want to wait until You Tube gets done rendering it…looks like it is low res at the moment. 1280 x 720 should be the final uploaded resolution I think…


And I don’t know why that inset rearview mirror is there. Might be a setting to get rid of that.

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It is particularly confusing when I land the Hornet on the race track. Hard to keep all these sims separate.

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Those screenshots of Long Beach are pretty cool. Hopefully you get a chance to try out the rallycross tracks and cars and posts some screenshots or vids. I’ve been into watching rallycross for the past couple of years. I’m tempted to get PC2, but I have PC1 and haven’t used it too much. Maybe when the price gets low enough I’ll bite.

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I believe Dirt Rally is the widely agreed upon king of rally racing maybe (?). And it is supposedly awesome in VR…


Will do. Could be pretty ugly though…lol…turn right to go left or something something?

Dirt Rally is terrifying in VR. Nearly all of the content is about Rally’s, i.e. driving down roads that are too small one at a time on a timed course while a terrified co-driver yells ‘Left 90, Slight Right over Hump, FOR GODS SAKE DON’T HIT TH…’.

There is a bit of Rallycross in it (racing all at the same time on a dirt track) but PCARS2 apparently has much more, and is meant to be better, i.e. snow, gravel racing rather than Rally stages.

Dirt Rally also often comes up on extreme sale and worth it in non-VR as well. About $12 here via Search Results for "dirt rally" - IsThereAnyDeal


Aha…so there is Rally and Rally-Cross. I didn’t know there were two disciplines and I see what you are talking about. I’m uploading a short video to You Tube showing my feeble attempt at Rally-Cross in PC2…should be ready in a bit…


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Dirt Rally is a legit rally sim. A spiritual successor to Richard Burns Rally.

I was looking at Steam and I believe the developers of PC2 released a DLC which is rallycross specific. That’s interesting.

Here’s a video of real life rally cross. I think this track is in-game.


Yeah, the ‘fun pack’ I think.

I’ve not really thought about it, but I guess it’s called ‘Rally Cross’ because it’s always mixed surfaces, i.e. a bit of road, a bit of gravel etc, hence the mixed ‘Cross’ bit?