Project Cars 2

Oh no, I’ve been back for a little less than two months.

Thank you for your service. I think we have to get some driving on. I think @chipwich is online so we have three so far …

Thought I jumped him, but it was close.


This game has been a lot of fun, picked it up on the steam sale. Graphics and sense of speed are amazing. Plus it has my all time favorite track, Laguna Seca.

I think that the tire/physics modeling is really good as well. At least on my G27. Can’t imagine how good it would be with a good wheel.

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Maritime law - you were higher so had the right of way. Or something. :slight_smile:


I’m playing on a PS4 controller, and I still enjoy it. With a solid FFB wheel, it’s probably amazing. The only complaint I have, and it’s kind of necessary, is the way it counter steers for you when you use a controller. I turned off all assist and it’s still correcting oversteer automatically. Kind of annoying but I’m used to it by now. Might have missed a setting or something.

Overall really impressed. Takes me back to my gran truismo glory days on PlayStation.

Rallycross looks like fun! If I get home early enough tonight I think I’ll config my dedicated PC2 server and host some RC for the heck of it and for testing purposes.

If anyone is interested in running some test laps I should have the server up by July 28, 2018 12:00 AM.

I’ll be on the Mudspike Racing TS channel if all goes well.

Not that anyone is interested :wink: but the PC2 dedicated server was a bit of a handful to configure and even harder to understand LOL! GOT ‘ER DONE! The DS is more like a rebroadcast and control center which is cool if you’re not into peer to peer. I can control it or the first person who joins the server can control it.

Whatever … it’s here if anyone wants it. :slight_smile: (I just get enjoyment out of configuring servers and I don’t know why)

BTW, Project Cars 2 is an incredible achievement.

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Like a few of you, I watched as much of Le Mans 24h as possible. This being father’s day, decided that I needed to hook up my wheel and renew my relationship with PC2. Also, I sheepishly must admit that I haven’t tried DR2, having purchased it at launch.

Need to dial in all of my wheel and FFB settings again. This will take some hot-lapping :smile: