Quest2 how is it compared to say a Reverb G2?

Hey everybody,

I would like to hear some thoughts on a quest 2 vs a ReverbG2. now I have several friends who like them but this is thier `1st headset.

So I would like to hear from others who had other VR Units. I am mainly concerned with performance, this is for my Nephew and he has a i7600K @4.6ghz with a 1070Ti GTX.

I would imagine he would try Minecraft and any other shooter styled game for it not sure what is avaialable. but I have a G2 and no it is a bit tricky getting it working with No Mans sky but I can get it running @80% Rez and it runs rather smoothly but the G2 has a dedicated line for the Graphics and the Quest 2 uses wireless and a USB C cable for video if I am correct…

I just wonderd what would be the main factors I would need to consider if we went Wireless, ie would getting AX wireless be a factor or whatnot… Now with the cable hooked up I am sure performance should jump up a bit but then he would be tehtered and I am sure he is thinking to do it all wirelessly…

So I would like to get some input and what would be best for a wireless connection with the i7600K and 1070Ti. He does have a wireless adapter on his PC so we can upgrade that is the Quest 2 does benefit from AX Connections or whatnot…

I’m not sure what an AX connection is but I’ve been running a Quest 2 wireless for a year or two now. You just need a gigabit router nearby to connect to. My Quest 2 Link thing broke on my PC a year or two back so I use Virtual Desktop and it works great as long as you can get that magical 866 Mbps connection to VD. When VD reports 866 Mbps you’re good to go.

I’ve tried a PCI based WiFi 6 card but it sucked for some reason. Only got like 300 Mbps in VD.

I also have a Reverb G2 and rarely use it …

I was a long time Reverb G1 and G2 user. Owned both since they were released. But when I bought an RTX 3090 Ti and found out that it doesn’t support HP headsets, I began using my kids’ Quest2. IMO, the Oculus experience is much better than the Windows Mixed Reality mess. The image quality might be a little better in the G2, but I’ve not had the chance to test them side by side. And it’s been so long since I used a G2 that I don’t really miss it. The Q2 gives you the option of going wireless, although I haven’t tried that yet for PC VR games. If there is a big difference in price, hands down the Q2 is the way to go. If they are the same price, then that makes the decision more difficult since the G2 has a slightly better image. They are both great headsets. Oculus/Meta software makes getting up to speed easier, so if you don’t like to tinker, the Q2 wins.

AX is like A/B/G/AC for the wireless it is the latest and was just wondering if Quest makes use of that or if it just uses AC.

Well Are you saying a Gig speed is needed or a requirement as I know my sister does not have Gig internet… so if they need that wirelessly too the quest may be a no go .

I did have a Rift S and it was pretty easy to setup and such. but ever since Microsoft updated mixed reality portal it has been a breeze as well setting up even on a V1 Cable as that is what mine has…

@HiFlyer I could watch videos all day but I was looking for some end users that are here and use their opinion and knowledge on said headsets. but the video helped a bit. But I need to find out what speeds would be required or best for the Quest2…

@chipwich not sure what happened with the 3090ti but that must suck, the 3090ti would be awesome with the Reverb…

I don’t know about all those letters but a WiFi 5 router works great! You don’t need Gig speed to the internet … just to your Quest 2 … the Q2 demands a fat wireless pipeline! :wink:

A friend stayed with us for a weekend. He’s a G2 owner and missed no opportunity to poke fun of my Zuckerberg Screen Door display. But he played with it just the same, slaughtering all who flew within a mile of him in Flying Circus. He had a blast. I don’t think it matters what you own so long as it works.


@Elby that is ok I can not seem to find any info at the website or the web either about it…

EDIT: I found some info it states Q2 needs 5Ghz erither AC or AX. that is good to know…

@smokinhole is the SDE really that bad? have you seen a G2 in action?

@Everyone, I keep seeing the PC used for Q2 needs a wired connection to the router?

If the Q2 has SDE, I haven’t noticed it in the last two years I’ve used it.

This is what it looks like through the lens of mine:

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Nice! Yes, screen door effect has never been a problem for me when the Q2 is connected to the PC. It can be quite blurry in standalone mode though if you don’t have a powerfull PC to feed it a stream through a fat pipeline. :slight_smile:

I don’t know where the Q2 SDE comments come from. I certainly don’t notice any. I always use the Link cable though.

No, there’s no SDE. That’s the reputation carried over from the Rift.

OK Great that video looked awesome :wink:

So now I have to find out as I been reading alot and it seems they say you need to connect the PC you are using to a Router with a network cable? this I don;t understand as I thought it was wirelesss??

I did look is there a manual I can download or something?

It’s all done with a USB cable. It needs to be a really good USB cable. I think you need to have a fast USB 3.2 port on your computer somewhere. I actually bought the expensive Oculus Link Cable for like $100 Canadian at the time! I wanted the best but I just did a search on Amazon and a lot of less expensive third party cables are available. I was getting like 3.2 Gbps with that cable. I still think it’s pretty insane that you can send 3.2 billion bits per second through a USB port! :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to buy a USB cable you can go wireless with WiFi. Make sure your WiFi router has at least WiFi 5. This method is called Oculus Air Link and I was told it basically emulates a USB connection wirelessly.

I’m thinking that either the Q2 or a Reverb are too much headset for a 1070ti . I had a 1070 and it was stressed to the max with a RiftS with no super or undersampling .
I suppose you could undersample , but …


I concur. More power is needed. :slight_smile: I’m barely happy with my 3080 and 5800X cpu.

Well both headset and new vid card are not in the cards but I am sure we can get by with a 1070ti. I have a Reverb G2 and it works fine with a 1070GTX that is both DCS and No Mans sky with some elite and Arma Thrown in on the headset.

I am just trying to find out all the connection and other issues I can currently think of. and it seems most of what I want to know does not seem to be documented by Oculus…

There is no manual that I can find, I tried looking and nada. What I am finding is just pieces here and there from the Forums and the interwebs.

Now I know it connects with Air link but it did mention to connect the Router to the PC with a wire, is this not needed to do? and if it is needed that will be fine, I will just need to figure out which Router they have from their ISP…

I have a friend online who has one but I have not seen him for several days and was just trying to iron out some of my current questions…

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Yup, ya gotta connect that sweet WiFi 5 capable router to the PC with a CAT 5 or higher Ethernet cable.

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@Elby ok so it is true, do we know why we have to do this? as it may be a problem for my nephew…

thnx for the info tho…

Your PC has to high speed stream the VR data via the CAT 5 Ethernet cable to your router which then broadcasts the stream via WiFi to the Quest 2.

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