Quick Ship to Shore strike

So thanks to bunyap, i was messing around with smoke/destruction effect, and setup a quick ship to shore mission to see how it worked.

Cobras surveying the scene

you can see some of the destroyed buildings, maybe kobuleti wasnt the best place to show it off

engaging the enemy

AMTRACKS hit a slight snag, maybe need some updating. Cool watching them able to swim now.

Back to the boat, where I proceed to place the harrier directly in the drink while screenshotting.


Awesome mission idea and screens. If you get where you are happy with that mission, why not share it?


There’s another way to land?

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Will do. Still a long way to go before its ready, probably gonna be at least TWO MORE WEEKS of testing, then i’ll look at an Early Access Alpha on an undetermined Wednesday night. :slight_smile:

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Lots of smoke and chaos…sounds like a situation that would make a Marine comfortable… :+1:


Wow! Nice! The first two pics gave me a Mogadishu-like vibe.

Black hawk down scenario, anyone?