Racing Sim Screenshots and Videos 2020

Is that the Apex NTT 2020 Indycar mod?

It is, they look nice.

I dunno, that bar in the middle seems intrusive to the vision in a way that they aren’t for the F1 cars in the Codemaster titles. It’s mostly fine on street and road courses, but downright dangerous on high-speed ovals, I mean I could barely make out a car sideways in a turn entry and when I finally did it was too late.

I suspect that looking at that bar in a cockpit it’s probably not as vision blocking as it turns out to be in game.

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Well you can move your head a bit in reality. Can you shift your cockpit position in the mod? If it’s that bad for you by default, maybe sliding left a bit in the seat would help.

In reality (and VR too) it’s probably much less intrusive since your eyes are offset for stereoscopic vision, and the pillar goes semi-transparent.

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I’m reporting this discussion to the FOV authorities :grin:

Installed Forza Motorsports 7 on my PC for the first time (played it on Xbox before) Did some laps around Nurburgring to check wheel setup and got this decent shot.


I’ve never driven any of the Forza series, but I like the screenshot. What car is that? Don’t see many bow ties at Nurburgring, other than Corvettes. Great track.

Some rf2 GTE action at Road Atlanta. Two photos of turn 7, where I’ve spent many a race trying to get a photo. This is basically the closest that you can get to the cars outside of the paddock

And another GTE race on the Nurburgring GP course. I qualled P2, but had a bad start which dropped me to P8. Moved through the pack to have an tough battle with the Corvette team who were running P2 & P3. Finally gained back P2, but the 911 RSR leading was long gone. I find that the AI are not bad if you leave their aggression on the default setting of 20%. Seems low, but set higher an they drive as if you are invisible.


Its a Chevy Cruz, Nurburgring GT Circuit is a favorite of mine. So its where I kinda test out steering settings.

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Picked up the RSS F1 Hybrid 2020 mod for Assetto Corsa and found a really nice community skin pack for it. Superb.

A few more, but from F1 2020.


I’m running about a year behind and just started F1 2019. It does seem to look better than 2018, and has DX12 now instead of just 11.

Right on JM. I don’t have any data points with the 2019 version, having skipped it after my less than enthusiastic experience with F1 2018. But I took a chance on F1 2020 after reading the many positive reviews about the My Team (Air Hauler for F1 :smiley:) feature and learning that Codemasters worked with current F1 drivers, especially those also involved with esports, to improve the functionality and driving physics of the car. For instance, their feedback concerning ERS was that it was too complicated from the sim cockpit. The drivers reported that their team usually creates a Scenario configuration and that the driver just hits an Overtake (OT) button when they want more power. Codemasters made that change, so I have a DRS and an OT button programed instead of all of the different energy recovery modes. And the physics do feel much improved, especially on the curbs and in slides.

A few things that I wish were better:

  1. Get rid of the automated drive sequences around the box. I’m capable of driving the car here. Leave it as an available aid for those who need it.
  2. Add a bit more head shake over bumps and curbs and sync those with FFB. I think some of the comparisons with other FFB models could be improved just by making the driver’s head movements a bit more dynamic. Automobilista 2 has the opposite problem, in that it is too extreme, but you can dial it down in the settings.
  3. The race marshals in F1 2020 are too punitive and for the wrong reasons. You can get tapped from behind and receive a warning from race control. Also, your spotter warns you to mind the track limits when you’ve obviously spun off. What he should say is something like, “The car is fine Lando. Get back on track safely when you can.” He does help you decide if you need to pit to replace a nose or other body part, or stay on track.

Otherwise, it’s all damn good fun and an impressive piece of work as a whole. When the crew start your engine and pull the monitors away so that you can leave the garage, it sort of has the same feeling as when your about to do a cat shot in the the Hornet. The sounds, attention to graphic detail, and weather engine are simply incredible.

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Does the my team have interviews sometimes or is that just career?

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Excellent! Thank you @chipwich

One of those little things that, for me at least, increases the immersion and makes it worth it.

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I actually quit F1 2018 when i got to Singapore. It became unbearable racing those AI.
Also, I believe my driving to be fairly consistent between tracks. So when I beat the AI at a certain level on 90% of the tracks, then get to Singapore and have them ramming me and driving through me like I’m an ice cream truck, I got SOO angry.

I stopped racing wet because the AI never seem to have the same modeling I do, so they will stay out on dry as the rain starts with far better lap times than I can get with wet, while I will be sliding and spinning if I tried to stay out. If the entire race is raining from start to finish it’s fine, but the transition period was just too frustrating to bother with those.

So far 2019 seems better in that respect, I just don’t understand why the AI in 2018 was worse than previous years. I think I skipped only 2015, having played the first 2010 all the way to 2019 now. I will likely get 2020 in the fall/winter during one of the sales depending how quickly I get through 2019.

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I need to give 2019 another try, i pre-ordered it only to not drive it till a few months ago. During the intro race I was reacquainting myself with the cars got too slow and spun so I decided, what the hey, let’s use the rewind for the hell of it. Instant CTD, just uninstalled it rather than starting it back up.

I wish I liked the tracks better in F1, but I really just don’t enjoy most of them. I like SPA,Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and that’s about it.

Is the Hanoi street circuit in the new one, curious about that * found a video, seems to have a real surfer’s paradise feel to it.

I haven’t tried either of the new circuits yet, only the ones that have been in the real series so far, Austria, Hungary, and working on Great Britain now. Those 3 tracks have been excellent. I have built a GP season somewhat based on the current one, with a few exceptions. The game doesn’t have Mugello or Nurburgring.

My Short Season

Here is what Formula 1 is showing for the 2020 schedule. The last 3 were recently announced, but not showing on the official web site schedule yet.


Austria (Speilberg RBR) 7/5 & 7/12
Hungary (Hungaroring) 7/19
GB (Silverstone) 8/2 & 8/9
Spain (Barecelona) 8/16
Belgium (Spa) 8/30
Italy (Monza) 9/6
Italy (Mugello) 9/13
Russia (Sochi Autodrom) 9/27


Germany (Nurburgring) 10/11
Portugal (Portimao) 10/25
Italy (Imola) 11/1

Imola is back? That was always one of my favorite F1 tracks!

Ditto, save one horrible weekend in 1994.

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