Racing Sim Screenshots and Videos 2022

I dusted off Project Cars 2 and decided to take an Indycar out for a spin.
Screenshots are from Long Beach, Laguna Seca and Texas Motor Speedway.


Beautiful saghen. I had forgotten how good PC2 can look. What year IndyCar series is that? I’m glad that the drivers are safer, but the cars looked better pre Aeroscreen. I have been watching the current series on YT. Very competitive and entertaining racing for sure, even if not nearly the same performance as F1.

These cars are from the 2016 season.

I have a ton of racing games/sims that I want to take screens of. I’m trying really hard not to spam a lot of PC2. There are so many cars and tracks.

Spam!! Please!


Other than trying out the new Miami F1 track in Assetto Corsa, I’ve been enjoying the Indy and CART cars in AMS2, especially the '95 season. So much fun to drive. No ovals yet, but they are coming. Road America, Laguna Seca, and Long Beach are great though.

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Taking a quick recon lap on the new Miami F1 track in Assetto Corsa.

2022 Hybrid car by RSS
2022 Skin Pack
Custom Shaders Patch

The overhead sign is blurry because it is dynamic.

Valtteri’s Alpha is molto bene.


Dang, it’s been a long time since I played AC, maybe I need to dip in and see whats going on.

I think a lot of these F1 kids actually use the Codemasters’ sims to warm up at home …

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One lap of the Miami F1 track at Hard Rock working on a race setup. Captured from my Reverb G2 with OBS.


Nice run! Check out Miami in F1 22 VR … I fast forwarded to when the guy actually tried a hot lap instead of just swiveling his head around enjoying all the VR goodness …

That guy would be what I would think of as “not being comfortable with silence” :smiley: He must auxiliary air intakes, since he ever pauses to take a breath.

Regardless, the detail on that version of the track is amazing. Codies must have had access to laser scanned data judging by how much the elevation changed between T13 and T16. I so hope that they improved the physics model, because the environment will be superb.

The guy is wearing racing gloves so the physics must be top notch! :smiley:



Project Cars 2 action again.

Classic early 1990s touring car action at the old Hockenheim layout.

More modern touring cars at Knockhill in Scotland.

Bonus screens: Ford Mustang GT4 @ California Highway


Jeepers creepers Project Cars 2 looks terrific! I own the whole collection I think but I’ve never run it for some reason!


Just doing some off road/stadium trucks in Wreckfest at the new track Torsdalen. I don’t understand why this game isn’t more popular. So fun.


The VRC Formula Americas car in Assetto Corsa.

I’ve been watching the last few races in the NTT IndyCar series and they have been really entertaining. This past weekend’s race on the Indy GP course was one of the best races that I’ve seen in any series. Check out Colton Hertta’s full lock save battling with Pato O’Ward.

I find that I enjoy watching a race quite a bit more if I’ve done some hotlapping or a race on the same track and car in a racing sim the week before. To that end, I’ve purchased, each for less than the price of a pint, both the RSS and VRC Indy cars. They are both incredibly detailed, beautiful, and extremely fun to drive. The RSS comes in Road and Oval versions, while the VRC comes in Road, Oval, and Short Oval configurations. The cars are similar in driving experience and lap time, but there are noticeable differences in how they feel.

In my testing the RSS car feels like it has more mechanical grip, while the VRC version has more aero grip. In other words, the RSS is easier to drive in low speed corners and the VRC in high speed corners. Neither feel like they have as much grip as F1, and the differences in the lap times at Circuit of the Americas prove that. However, they are no less fun to drive, especially since they have less grip, there is a lot more sliding in these cars.

A comparison video…

Some screen


The 1988 McLaren MP4/4, one of the most successful race cars ever constructed. Driven by team “mates” Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, the car entered 15 races and won 16 of them. I was 31 years old at the time and very much in tuned with F1. So the car is somewhat etched in my psyche. There is much debate as to who designed it, either Steve Nichols or Gordon Murray.

Regardless, if you own Assetto Corsa and have an Internet connection, an excellent simulated version is available to you for the amazing sum of nothing. Driving this car at Monaco in full simulation mode is pretty much the high point of twenty years of sim racing. Well, as much as possible. Semi-automatic gearboxes didn’t arrive until 1989 introduced by Ferrari and not adopted in the McLaren until a few years afterward. I’m using a manual clutch with a sequential shifter.

EDIT: I should have stated that if possible, you should experience the MP4/4 at Monaco in VR. This makes it visceral as you navigate valleys of Mediterranean architecture and then rocket through the tunnel.

I didn’t link the track here, because its origin is unknown. But if you search monaco_2021 on Race Dept in AC Tracks, you will find a mod for this track to add spectators. A link to the track is included. While not period correct, it is the best one that I’ve found for AC. There are at least four of them in the wild, if one searches.

Senna attacking Monaco in the '99 car.

The Assetto Corsa/VRC version delivers what feels like a very good rendition of the MP4/4 at Monaco, with 700 bhp being delivered in a very narrow part of the rpm range. Getting this beast around the circuit using a manual clutch and heel/toe is initially an impossible task. But with a few hours practice, you begin to develop a sense for when to blip, how much throttle to squeeze, and a flow begins to emerge. It’s quite satisfying to link 10 the 20 laps without touching concrete. The view from the tiny cockpit is not unlike the feel of flying a Viper, the world all around you.

Virtual Senna at Monaco.

Alain Prost

Nico interviews Alain about his feud with Senna. I feel sorry for some of the things that Prost endured afterward, but to my eyes, and I remember both races vividly, each was at fault when the outcome was to their benefit. It was no way to win, but each man was doing what they felt necessary and fair under the circumstances. We fans suffered.


iirc I had scale model of that monopost from Heller. that was the times. for me that are F1 cars, not really fan of the newer ones :slight_smile:

I think I will have to buy AC in the next sale

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I was watching Leclerc crash Niki Lauda’s 1974 F1 car the other day and I was blown away at how large F1 cars are getting! The 1974 version looks like a go-cart! …

A little bigger in 1990 …