Rainbow Six: Siege - Mudspike Tacticians


Hi, and thanks Saghen for the welcome!

No worries. Maybe some Saturdays might be better for a earlier session. I play Steel Beast Pro PE every Sunday with folks from Europe, Canada and US so Its not a problem. 9pm est. is about 3am here, I can hold till 1am if the wify lets me :grinning:

Any how, will see how it goes…





Interesting… Thanks for posting that.

I’m set for tonight. I unlocked Blitz, and tested his flash shield against Breathers. It does work, and stops their charge while they are stunned. Should be something I can try to put to effective use in our plays.

See you guys there!


I got Blackbeard with my accumulated points, looking forward to giving that a try tonight !


Latest patch notes:

I don’t see any major impact for Lion, which is good.


Thanks Ads, I’m downloading this now !