Rainbow Six: Siege - Mudspike Tacticians


Some tense THunt missions last night. Looking forward to next time.


Anyone for some Rainbow six tonight ?


Yes, I can play a bit. Usual time, about 9 Eastern?


Sure, 9:00 pm EST. it is.


9 works for me.


Anyone for some Rain Bow six tonight about 9:00 pm EST. ?


Ya I can do that.


Uh… ok. This is an odd-ball.
Rainbow Six Siege gets its Zombies.


Yes, I’ve been reading about this for a couple of months. On one hand, I’m glad it’s not a PvP mode because there are far too few shooters offering coop PvE and I have hundreds of hours in all of them.
On the other hand, I’m sad it went this route and not something less fanciful. There are plenty of SF shooters that could’ve used a coop MP mode that didn’t. Current coop in R6 needs some improvement, yes, but I’m not sure this is the way to go.


If it’s fun, balanced and well done it’s not a problem- it’s just that jarring contrast with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six heritage.


Well isn’t that the point? That the jarring contrast is a problem for some people?

Personally, I’d have no trouble with porting the core gameplay to an SF shooter where you can fight robots or aliens or zombies or whatever on unique maps that make more sense than that same 2 story house or Hereford’s test zone or a 747. Granted this mode will be limited to certain maps anyway, but I still feel like it’s outside what a R6 game is traditionally about–real-world special ops vs unique tactical threats.


Tell you what- I’d love to see a Rainbow Six approach at a “Terminator” gameplay variant…
You know? Or Predator… Or Robocop… Uhm… :thinking:

EDIT: I mean, yeah some would find this contrast unbearable… not me. At least, not if it was made with professionalism.


They had the Predator in GRW, but I had already played over 100hrs of it and it was uninstalled when they did it so I never saw it.

I did play AvP, AvP2, and AvP 2010 though and I loved them. Not enough coop though, mostly lame H2H (barf).

Rebellion made the Sniper Elite games. Then they made a separate series where you fight waves of Nazi Zombies that was cheap using the same engine and other assets. It was a separate but related title and no one said much. Of course, this Outbreak thing is free which is a major help. If it was a paid DLC, I think we’d see more backlash. The Nazi Zombie titles were not free, but they were bargain priced.


Really!? Cool! And fitting too! :smiley:
The rest of the games you mentioned I basically played them all and got my fair share of fun!
Loved all of Rebellion games! :grin:


I’m on to play a few rounds.


Are we siegeing tonight ? I’ll be on at 9:00 pm EST and see if anyone is around.


I can a bit. Not sure how long.


Thanks guys, glad I could play last night.


Hi all,

Been guided here from SimHQ with regards to R6. Played R6 Raven Shield alot when the Seawolves community was alive, as well as Ghost Recon, so yeah back to basics with R6 Seige which brings alot of memories. Be glad to join you all if time frame is ok cuz Iam in EU GMT+1.

Just started with R6 so don´t expect much yet. BTW this is my first post here…

Thanks to @saghen for the heads up!


Red (Mike)


Welcome aboard.

Our playing times might be inconvenient, based on your location. We’re all US/Canada based. Our play times are generally start around 9PM eastern US time. But that’s not to say we can’t play at other times, sometimes.