Rainbow Six: Siege - Mudspike Tacticians

Assuming I purchase, any recommendations as to whether the more expensive bundles are worth it? There’s a bunch of stuff in there that sounds like it’s kinda not, but having not played yet…

Like I’d go for the standard at a minimum over the starter, but is the year 2 gold or complete worth the extra $$$?

Basically, the season passes unlock the operators without needing to grind the points to do it. Each year has a new group of operators and they cost 25k each to unlock. I got the base game, so I only needed 500-2000 to unlock the ones it came with, but starting with the DLC operators they were 25k each.

So, if you don’t care about the new operators, you don’t need it. If there’s stuff besides the operators, it’s also not necessary. You also use points to unlock charms and skins, but you don’t need those. The only other thing is attachments for weapons (suppressors, sights, grips) which affect weapon usage, but they’re cheap (100-250 each).

I never bothered to get any season passes. I have about 80 hr in and I’ve managed to unlock all the base game operators and 3 of the extra ones, all playing coop T Hunt only. There are 11 right now I think.

However, if you want the chance to try them all without grinding, then by all means spring for a pass. Assuming you like the base game, of course!

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Now the most important question… are you playing with us? :smiley:

Be home soon. Ready to play by 10 latest

Good times with linebacker and saghen last night. Once we stopped noobing it up. Well I mean saghen and I stopped… Kinda linebackers normal state :wink:

You guys that didn’t get it should. Solid mechanics and some awesome destruction.

Miss being able to jump though. Vaulting is good but saghen and I both died from falling because we thought we could jump lol.

Yes! It was fun. I would be nice to get a squad of 5 going.

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Hey, I was just hanging back a bit letting you chickadees spread your wings … get a feel for the game. :slight_smile:

We should do that again real soon … I’m gunna be seriously tempted during Insurgency tonight.

How about we gather at 8pm?

I can try to be there for 8, but no guarantees. I’m also fine with playing this tonight and tomorrow. Free weekend after all.

LB, Andrew, are you in for playing at 8PM or will some other time work better?

I wonder if we can entice any of the cool kids to come play some R6: Siege this weekend while we’re playing the free trial. @near_blind @Tyco @DeadMeat @Tankerwade @JediMaster @Prof @adlabs6

Should be good for 8 or just after here. It’d be cool to have a PvP round just mudspikers

Online now

PvP R6S Sunday anyone? 8PM EST? (I’ll do coop too)

Saghen and I both picked it up, so that makes us and Linebacker + Tankerwade that are in.

Need more peeps! Sale is still on tomorrow, 50% off. Standard game is cheap!

I also bought R6:Seige. Looking forward to playing a session after Thanksgiving!

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So, what is the single player experience like? My internet connection is way too flaky to play a FPS in multiplayer.

Don’t delay, play today. I’m around tonight and saghen prob will be too. Maybe linebacker if he isn’t still angry lol.

Title repurposed since the free-weekend is over, and we actually own the game. Other thread can stay DoI/Insurgency related now.

I’ll be good to play in 5 min.

Single player is limited to 10-12 (I forget off-hand) situations, with three difficult levels each, and three bonus objectives aside from just completing the main mission. I’ve found them challenging enough to be entertaining, and some of the bonus objectives are difficult. These situations do not let you choose your operator - you are given a predetermined operator and loadout.

Multiplayer is split into pvp and pve, with the latter being 5-man (or fewer) squad missions against the AI in 1 of three scenarios: terrorist hunt classic (kill all the peoples); rescue hostage; protect hostage. Each are fun in their own way.

Haven’t played pvp yet.

So, worth $20 then for single player?