Rainbow Six: Siege - Mudspike Tacticians

I’m currently in the middle of the Caribbean on the way to Jamaica using the ship’s wifi so that’s why I’ve not replied.
That said, I’m certainly up for some R6 next week when I return. The AI I find tough but fair…at least until you get rushed in 3 directions simultaneously…then it’s cheating. :wink:

or smoke. They see through smoke.

And they definitely cheat.

Not sure if it’s worth it just for SP, but it’s definitely fun.

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That’s what makes the Bartlett map such a disaster. I’ve been playing that one waaay to much despite unchecking it in the settings.

please dont buy R6 siege for single player only, you will be disappointed. The game is purpose built to be a multiplayer team shooter. The single player and vs AI modes are crap. I bought this game on day one, and have really enjoyed it, but there is no campaign, just some tutorial missions for each base operator.

Id play with you guys, but I got it on PS4. Unless you can do that now.

I have over 80h in it now playing 100% humans against AI.

I do not play against humans. Ever. In any game. Not since…2005 I think?


We’ve been (or at least I have, I’ll let the others speak for themselves) enjoying the terrorist hunt mode. At least three team members seems to be reasonable (though on hard we’re pretty much sucky).

I often only play with one other person so we have to play on normal. We usually win that way, seeing as they don’t throw frag grenades on normal.
You get more points playing higher, but you really need 4 players IMO for most game modes with that level.

I only do terrorist hunt on realistic, reminds me of SWAT 4 and the old RB6 a lot. Except now I can dangle in front of a window like spiderman. With guns. Spidergun. Love it, why would I even want to play the PVP element?! :wink:

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Maybe its different on PC, but on PS4 the game runs like ass on T-Hunt. Like a big FPS drop when running the AI.

Also, I still wouldnt recommend it for someone wanting to play singleplayer, THunt by yourself would be awful. There is no story mode, its really meant to be played with other people, even if you dont want to play against people. I guess what I’m getting at, is that is not like the old RB6 with badass campaigns and characters and such.

Like I said, Ive had a lot of fun with it. The sounds are what sold me on it. Outstanding gun fire, ricochets, glass breaking, etc.

PC sound is quiet. Linebacker and I both suffering from that. It’s tolerable for me but I know linebacker wants it way up.

Really? Thats a bummer, the game has pretty much the best sounding guns on any game ive played. Maybe a setting?

Must be, because the game is plenty loud for me on PC.

As for performance, must be a console thing, it runs like silk on my i7-6700k w/GTX 1070 @4k res w/HD textures. Oh, and FSAA is on pretty high and everything is maxed out. And I only play T Hunt coop online, I agree that for SP it’s shallow and dull especially as the old R6 games gave you friendly AI (which were often stupid–grenade out! hits door jamb boom team down!) while in Siege if you play alone you play alone.

Playing the various T Hunt modes with friends, though, is just as enjoyable as the old R6 games were. The SP campaigns for the old games were just a narrative hacked together via briefings that really meant little so it was really about the map quality. The Vegas games had a true story, and we saw what they did with those…

Yup! I scoured the net too, looking for a solution. Worst sounding guns of any game I’ve played because they just sound like poof poof LOL! … which is unfortunate because the actual sound quality and surround sound is probably the best I’ve heard in any shooter … just not LOUD ENOUGH!

It weird because mine is plenty loud. I had to turn down the volume in the options to hear TS

I know the volume mixer can get screwed up per app every now and then too but that’s not the case here. 100% volume doesn’t cut it. At 100% volume, the game should be twice as loud, like in ArmA3 or Squad or whatever. I actually have to turn down TS so I can turn R6S all the way up.

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Anyway, I’m sure the volume problem is restricted to my Logitech G930 headset and I’m living with it.

I’m REALLY happy that I came back to R6S with friends though. LOTS of fun but I recommend at least three or four friends in PvP mode … it can get pretty intense.

I’m around. Let’s make use of that booster, @Linebacker

I’ll keep my eyes open for when you guys may be playing, and drop in. Finally got my install and configuration completed yesterday.

Make sure to play some of the situations. They act as a tutorial of sorts. Will help.

Adlabs and I are going to be on TS in a few to see if anybody wants to play. Adlabs is still using training wheels, so be nice.