That was shot in 1.5, bout 200 miles west of Sukhumi. Crank the wind up, it effects the amount to which the ships rock. The only difference is in 2.1 the water’s prettier.


I think anything is speculation and I’m content to wait and see. Again, nobody is bringing up anything that ED doesn’t already know about…and I’m sure they would like to fix everything…but who knows.


I’m sure it will definitely will not look like that. Also worth mentioning, it’s an AI controlled aircraft which can’t be compared to a player controlled aircraft. But you don’t really need to compare landing physics on carriers at all yet because they’ll get a complete overhaul once all that naval stuff comes out. I guess at least.


I know you’re @near_blind and all, but that’s no P-51!
But ok, I liked it… :smile:


I hope you’re right. Given that Wags has said people will be able to fly and land the hornet at E3, we should hear/see something on its status in a few days. I’d hope that RAZBAM’s LHA receives the same treatment.


I am very curious if this is an issue that HB resolved with their F-14 dev as Cobra stated then is it a core DCS issue that ED needs to address and did HB just come up with a work around? If HB did resolve it I am then curious if for such things there is information sharing among the 3rd parties. I mean does Razbam really need to use the time to figure out the fix vs HB passing the information along to them to help all the 3rd party devs who may be facing this issue as well for their projects that may be in the works,

Just curious how it works with ED and 3rd parties on universal issues that exist for all.



Is it only me? This is one of the few aircraft in the ‘real world’ that looks like a bird.



I thought that 7th pic was inside the hangar deck… was preparing for the epic sunset elevator ride up to the flight deck!


I have always thought the Victor looks like a Pelican…


I’m not sure why but I love the look of the Victor


Flash Gordon inspired, for sure


The War Rocket Ajax!


Probably because the airframe says this: “I am going to put the smallest of trifles in your backyard… the smallest of trifles… 2Mt nuclear bomb… you’ll love it”


I was surprised at how good the visibility out the front was in this video…I thought it would be far worse…


No more place holder textures!


I wonder how close they are to releasing it? Seems to be serviceable enough, granted I’m sure there’s still a long way to go.


I’ve been waiting for this for a while, looks awesome! :heart_eyes:


The “2.2 E3 Special Edition”