Gotta be close now…


2.2 Dropping Wednesday with the Harrier?


I think first of all we need a pre-order option then we could talk about a possible EA release. So at least 2-3 months left. But that’s just my guess.


Makes perfect sense…


I don’t know, I have a couple of placeholders in my kitchen and their textures look just like that…


No, 2.2 is a Special Build for E3.


2.2.1 then.



#471 (Open Alpha) (Closed beta)


#472 (Open Alpha) (Closed beta) (Medium Gamma)

Let’s focus dammit, we’re a serious site…





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Am I doing this right?



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Don’t listen to @near_blind, you’re doing just right.


Huh. Maybe @Tankerwade has the right idea after all

Okay folks, since the cat is out of the bag. I am now allowed to tell you one of the reasons for the AV-8B NA exclusive priority: ED is going to show it at E3. But it had to meet some minimum requirements and that meant that we had to dedicate all our time to it. So in 6 months we had to get the aircraft to near beta status. E3 demo aircraft has been delivered and now we must met another goal. But pressure has been released a little so we also have been testing some FM updates. If we get the green light from the beta testers we will release the FM update on time for the big 2.1.1 release, otherwise it will have to wait for the next one. Avionics update will have to wait a little longer.



“near beta status” sounds like its ready to be released.


Gotta be close now…


Well looky here.
So this is 10 knot wind as opposed to 30.